carolmarques77 10:42pm, 26 September 2007
I got my Diva today - she has been a dream doll for me since she's been out - and I got to tell you: she is so much stunning in person than in pictures! This pool is paradise: so many Divas!
disco*dollies 14 years ago
I agree! I love how her hair is almost opalescent.
Mrs Piggy** 13 years ago
I got my Diva recently and I have to say, it is soo true! She is much prettier in person!
Blythelover 12 years ago
Diva looks really pretty. Love her much
rhubs knit 12 years ago
I never liked darling diva when I first saw her, but then suddenly I was bitten by a bug! When I first saw her after I opened the box I couldn't understand why I had never bought her before she was so beautiful in person!
memeeps 12 years ago
She really is pretty...except for one thing: Why is her hair so freaking THIN? This is my only complaint. :)
oTto kiNDeR Posted 12 years ago. Edited by oTto kiNDeR (member) 12 years ago
yes... mine has thin hair..... it's a shame that a so expensive doll has so thin hair....... all DD have this little problem? Otherwise she is very very cute... but I think I will sell her soon...... I prefear more blond than silver
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