World Picture Service 3:42pm, 17 February 2007
To the "manager" of the group!
Not long time ago I uploaded a lot of Burma/Myanmar pics. Now it shows that if you look in WorldPictureService as Top Contributor, some thumbnails are just nonsence (!) and not mine! But if you click, my right image will be shown. What's wrong? Some "Troyan horses" around? If you want to know exactly which ones are wrong, I will tell you of course.
gustaf wallen 14 years ago
I did not find any pictures of your contribution that would not have opened correctly. It would be helpful if you could let me know which thumbnails ( URL ) are not correct. After this we can pursue the matter further.
World Picture Service Posted 14 years ago. Edited by World Picture Service (member) 14 years ago
Thanks very much for your quick reply!
It's actually not opening thumbnails in a wrong way! It's concerns just wrong "shown" thumbnails ...
I found out that most of the thumbnails are shown in a correct way now. Still ... if you open "Worldpictureservice", being the first contributor, you will see the eight's thumbnail as a "stuffed puppet" (I see it in that way on my PC!) This thumbnail is still wrong ... but if you click it, you will see the right picture of a sunset at the Irrawady-river. Please, look for yourself. Thank you!
If it will be fine tomorrow "automatically" I will tell you of course! Thanks for your interest in my question!
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