damaging orange [deleted] 8:30am, 27 March 2009
''Where 'Spiritual Photographers' dare to meet''

Enter into the realm of spirit mediums,supernatural beings, make merit then capture the essence of the most amazing spectacle this side of asia with one shutter click.

Support our efforts to build perpetual and global understanding
towards opening up the experience of Burma's 37 Nat Festival.

The Festival is hosted in the end of July 2009.... And through sharing then donating by attending and publicizing by bringing your images back from the festival into the group so other people are encouraged by your results and boost help boost attendance for 2010.

The 37 Nat Festival, in Burma.

Help us to close the gap and widen the audience for a well deserving 300 Year Old Festival held in Burma.


Please join our group even if you don't have images to submit yet and get the low down on the Festival as it approaches ...and get ready for the info site fast approaching located at

Hoping all of us get to meet physically in the festival and share the true festival experience together.

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