disastrous fork [deleted] 3:27am, 11 February 2009
Hi Tia,
My blocks are packaged and will be dropped at the post office in the morning. Good luck with the project!!
tlhcrawford 12 years ago
Mine went out today.
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thanks so much ladies. I will make up a posting as I recieve blocks, so you can know when they make it safe and sound.
marilynkb 12 years ago
Mine were mailed yesterday.
ponderpiggy 12 years ago
Thanks for posting this on quilting! It's also been posted on another forum I frequent, so hopefully, it'll generate some more blocks!
I'm starting to work on mine later today at a sew day...
Sally in TX
Alatariel Leralonde 12 years ago
A box containing 10 blocks, 3 quilt backings, and a quilt top that's not stars but I thought someone might like is on it's way to you, Tia!
Sara 's Scraps 12 years ago
I read your first blog post and started sewing. I now have three blocks made and ready to mail to the APO address. So I came over to the flikr site for the first time, looked at the photos and see that everyone else is using only LIGHT backgrounds! Oops! Do you want two dark blocks?
upstatelisa 12 years ago
I sent two out this AM!
quiltedoma 12 years ago
My five blocks and the six rolls of pre-fab binding are on its way.
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Wow you ladies are awesome and quick! Thank you so much! I will post as I start recieving the blocks.

Sara's Scraps, I would love to add your stars! Don't you worry a bit abut the dark backgrounds they can just be putting off that extra twinkle, or maybe we will have enough dark blocks forn an entire quilt top...either way your stars will be used and loved!

No worries!
ChelseaWa 12 years ago
My two should be in the mail tomorrow.
bellsbellsjo 12 years ago
Five stars are on their way to you today (17th) from the UK!
☼Anna☼ 12 years ago
Mine three are on their way today. Are there any other materials needed?
fireflylanedesigns 12 years ago
My blocks and a baby size quilt top are headed to the Post office this afternoon.
thanks Tia for this awesome experience.
robust machine [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by robust machine (member) 12 years ago
Hi Tia, I have mailed out my blocks this morning -
to the APO address.
Bless you!
Lin in Landisville, Pa.
mini_milly04 12 years ago
I mailed mine yesterday Tia. :) And I'll do some binding this week too. xx
oceanic hat [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi Tia. I have three quilt tops finished - i will post the photos here today. I am planning a few more maverick star blocks (now i have worked out how to make them) and will send it all, plus some fabric for backing, to your NT address soon.
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thank you ladies so very much! I will post as soon as I get them. You are so generous of both time and love!

concerned vessel [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi Tia; my blocks are on the way too, from the U.S.
byneedleandthread 12 years ago
Mine was shipped today too from Canada to your US address. A 25 block top and 5 squares my Mom made too. Hoping it doesn't take too long. I think they said 15 days but then it will still have to make it to Australia. :)
sames5 12 years ago
I am sending my block out tomorrow (to the US address). I' also including block from an exchange a long time ago that never got put in a quilt top (it was spring themed). I hope you can put them to good use as they've been sitting in a box for the last 8 years. It's a full set of blocks - enough for a quilt top.
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
If you send to the US (APO) address (especially you lovies from Canada) it really should not take too long to get here. From what I understand after the quilt blocks, or mail reaches San Francisco it all gets piled onto a plane headed this way. Sometimes the mail gets here faster than people. My husband and I tested it out last time he went away. He mailed a box the same day he flew out and the box got here first...and in better condition. ;o)
kate fern 12 years ago
Hi Tia, I posted my two blocks yesterday, to your NT address, shouldn't take long to get there. Just down the road!
maddieandme1 12 years ago
Sent mine out today
melindagiddens 12 years ago
My blocks were posted this morning. Such a wonderful idea!
kotkarankki 12 years ago
My top was posted on Friday 20th. It will take about 17 days to get there from Finland.
reflective quiet [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by reflective quiet (member) 12 years ago
Tia do you still need safety pins as i got some at Spotlight
and also some threads after you asked about them? Just that i read on your blog that you have had some donated so not sure what to do..also offered backings ages you still need some as I still have them?

I can express post them tomorrow and they will be with you the next day
alexdk Posted 12 years ago. Edited by alexdk (member) 12 years ago
Ours went out on friday morning (the 20th) from Canada... I sent it to the street address, hope it will be fast too :)
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thanks so much Alexdk, I have never recieved anything to my street address from Canada, so this will be exciting to see how much time it takes. No worries since there is still tons of time. I will let you know as soon as I get your stuff!

Kathleen, we would love to have whatever you want to send. I am putting together stash rebuilding packs as well with the extras people are sending along with their blocks, so if for some reason we do not use the backing or pins, I am sure a Victorian quilter will!

Sødeste 12 years ago
You are sending kits to the "restash a crafter"? What a great idea!!! I'll find some FQs to send along with the blocks... I guess that means you could use pins, needles, scissors, thimbles etc too?
pajalu (Paula) 12 years ago

I have just expressed posted a parcel today, so you should get it by the end of the week hopefully. Hope you can use the extras.
reflective quiet [deleted] 12 years ago stuck into the Oscars so did not get out in time to get to post office...have loaded up a photo of some of what is coming thinking the children's and baby quilts will need smaller backing and wadding....would 115cm wide backing be enough for babies ones Tia? I guess it could be pieced a bit as well if it is not wide enough.

I live down the road from a charity shop so I often find fabric for backing .... will go through my storage area over the next few days
brittquilts 12 years ago
I'm sending off 4 blocks today. Thanks for providing a way to help out.
nebulous selection [deleted] 12 years ago
Off to the post office today to mail my blocks! Thanks Tia ~
j_q_adams 12 years ago
Just got back from the post office on my lunch break ... 7 stars are now on their way from NC!
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thanks so much for participating in this project everyone! I will let you all know when I get your stuff over on the thread about Bushfire Quilt blocks recieved. We are going to make such lovely quilts together! I recieved a ton of blocks yesterday and 2 completed quilts and 4 quilt tops and binding and pins! It was an amazing delivery. I will upload who all the lovely Bushfire quilts and blocks are frim in a moment...right after I make my cuppa.
GeorgiaMcDonald 12 years ago
I posted mine this morning. It will probably take a while to get to you. Mail going from one country town to another seems to be rather slooow.
H.e.l.e.n. 12 years ago
Just posted mine - 1 small quilt top and about 20 blocks on their way. I didn't join them because they weren't really a matched lot, so will leave them to be mixed in with the rest.
Sampaguita Quilts 12 years ago
I posted my blocks today; I included binding for 3 quilts, but didn't send more blocks than I first made as planned, since I'm making the rest of the blocks into 2 whole quilts for you - stay tuned!
Follow the White Bunny 12 years ago
I'm mailing me and my friends small contribution (11 wonky star blocks) tomorrow. Hope it will get to you in time!
lucysquilts 12 years ago
I sent my blocks off this afternoon! i might get more made before the end of March but I wanted to get some off sooner.
mini_milly04 12 years ago
Tia, I have a box of binding here to post tomorrow after school drop off. :)
CampFollowerBagLady Posted 12 years ago. Edited by CampFollowerBagLady (admin) 12 years ago
I just got a parcel from Canda (and Denmark and France and several from the UK) today here at the house, so it was really quite quick! I am impressed with the Australian post so far!

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful participation in this project. I have recieved another 136 quilt blocks plus 2 quilt tops in the past 24 hours. I am just stunned and thrilled so much by your kindness.

weBsmiling 12 years ago
Thanks so much for organizing a way for people to do something to help!
My friend and I each made our first wonky star blocks. They'll be posted tomorrow to the APO address.

C & J from Seattle
sonjaartisania 12 years ago
Holy moses, what a wonderful turn out!! Sounds like many more quilts than the 3 you were anticipating...
conniesayler 12 years ago
My 3 are going out in the morning. They are packed and ready to roll
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thanks so much ladies!

Sonja, I got your quilt top today. My friend was over helping me sort blocks. She also thought it was a hoot. The fellows have "packages" if you know what I mean.
sonjaartisania 12 years ago
I KNOW! LOL! I totally need to make another one for me *giggle*
dashing comparison [deleted] 12 years ago
Quilt-top is in the hands of the post office now. Hope it makes it before end of March. Not sure if pictures will show up here; I'm having problem uploading but you can see what's on the way here:
Q_uilted T_hrifted 12 years ago
I got these blocks in the mail at 450pm tonight! Yeah!!!
FelinesandFibreArts 12 years ago
Hi Tia

I've just shipped a box to the US APO address today by Express Post. They said it would take anywhere from 9 - 17 days (from Toronto, Canada). Regular mail was going to be 25 - 35 days so that could have missed the March deadline. It will be interesting to see just how long it will take to get to you.

In the box you will find the quilt top "Cats In My Garden", 1 extra block (I counted wrong and ended up with an extra), quilt binding, safety pins, quilt label, & 2 pieces of fabric for the backing. I hope someone won't mind piecing something together for the back from this fabric since I don't have a very large cutting surface and was having some difficulty trying to get the fabric to cooperate. I really enjoyed working on this project and I hope you and your guild will have fun putting it together.

Thanks, Vicki
seaquinz 12 years ago
Hi Tia, Finally made it to the Post Office and my parcel is on the way. Hopefully not too long from New Zealand. This project has really taken off, glad there are so many quilters willing to help and that there will be plenty of quilts to go around!

Thanks for all your efforts

fissiett 12 years ago
Tia, I was able to post my completed top only today, have been ill recently
Hope you will get it soon, posted it directly to Australia

CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thank you ladies so very much! I got 120 blocks and 6 quilt tops today in the post. I need to upload them into my spreadsheet and have my Hubby show me how to put it on the blog. That seems to save hours of typing!
Marci H 12 years ago
My 9 blocks were mailed out yesterday, priority mail from Kansas City, MO. I showed some ladies at my guild's retreat how to make wonky stars.

sarybow 12 years ago
21 Maverick Star blocks from 3 quilting librarians in Bloomington, Indiana are on their way! Also included is one binding strip. Thanks so much for putting all of this together!
ponderpiggy 12 years ago
I have 8 yellow Friendship stars, 12 blue/Snoopy-Charlie brown Friendship stars, and 5 Maverick stars finished. I uploaded pics just a few minutes ago, and will go to the post office tomorrow to get them on their way!

Sally in northcentral TX
tessophia 12 years ago
In the mail Tuesday 10/03. Monday is a holiday
Isaacsmama 12 years ago
I have just sent 5 or so stars in the mail. Hope they arrive okay.
sewtobed Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sewtobed (member) 12 years ago
I am just off out to post off 6 blocks to you today.

We only have a tiny Post Office here and as I'm sure the postmaster has never had to send something to an APO address I'll send to the street address (posting from UK)
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
Thanks so much ladies! My husband just finished our taxes, so now he can get back to my data entry! LOL. I hope to have the massive tower of twinkling stars uploaded to the blog tonight. Thank you again so very much for participating in what has become such an amazing project? I think right now we have each continent but Antartica represented! Do any of you know a quilter in Antarcita? ;o)
dakotacityquilter 12 years ago
Box heading to you from the states to your US PO.
tiggywnkl 12 years ago
We've mailed 24 blocks this afternoon to the APO address. It has been fun working on this project together!

Cathy & Kelsey
Laguna Niguel, California
scrapsandstrings 12 years ago
I mailed another seven yesterday from Canada to the APO address. I love looking at all the pictures of the blocks. Not only are we making great quilts, I love that all of us are making wonky blocks. Go Gwen Marston!
kieraoona 12 years ago
Ive got someone sending me their blocks which are on their way to me here in Toronto and someone else said they are going to try to get me more by the end of the month, so we can send off one big postal box of stars to my mum in law in Sydney, who will get them to you guys up in Alice Springs. She said shes planning on doing a few as well, and shes going to probably add her touches to them (making them into a top to save time)

Ive got 6 done myself so far and plan on doing a few more today.

Its also awesome that one of the ladies who are sending blocks to me are sending some funds to help with the shipping! I love internet craft community togetherness!
cascade_lily 12 years ago
My five maverick stars are on their way to you from Canberra today :)
mostlyglasses 12 years ago
I sent my blocks yesterday (priority) and I hope they aren't too late!
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
No worries ladies! We will use each star that comes our way!
Hi Tia! I finally sent off the quilt top today!! I do hope you get it soon!!
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