CampFollowerBagLady 10:56pm, 17 April 2009
Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that the first quiltathon will be today!!!! This one will probably be a smaller version of the one we are going to have in May (we had to keep shifting the date inorder to find the best time for everyone and a venue that was large enought to accomidate us). But wish us luck on your lovely blocks and quilt tops! I will have pictures!

Alatariel Leralonde 12 years ago
Oh, I wish I could be there! Have tons of fun!!
GeorgiaMcDonald 12 years ago
Have fun!! I wish I could be there too. :-)
hanies 12 years ago
ood luck - wish I could be there to help.
hanies 12 years ago
I meant good luck (I think there is a crumb under the g!)
marilynkb 12 years ago
Thanks to you and the others for your hard work...and have a good time!
bellsbellsjo 12 years ago
have a wonderful time - I wish I was there to help!
CampFollowerBagLady 12 years ago
We had a fantastic time...I wish you all could have come. The 7 quilts I just posted are the ones that are all quilting and bound and have their labels on. There are another 10 that are in the process of being bound and we stacked about 15 (I have 5 here at the house to quilt up) I got to use Apples' long arm and it was pretty fantastic. I want one too...but I have no room for it. Boo hoo. I will blog about it, but it has been a busy weekend so far so I am turning in early.

Follow the White Bunny 12 years ago
Well done to all the ladies that helped out, the quilts are fantastic!
seaquinz Posted 12 years ago. Edited by seaquinz (member) 12 years ago
You have done an amazing job. It was fun to find some of my stars included in a quilt already. Thanks Tia and your group for the outstanding effort you have all put into this project. I'm sure it makes us all feel as though we have been able to something extraordinary for the people of Victoria.
GeorgiaMcDonald 12 years ago
You got a LOT done. Well done! :-D
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