joanne Malster 12:02am, 11 April 2010
I don't know how to conatct you. I am a bushfire survivor and am struggling with warm blankets. I saw this project in a magazine somewhere and set out to find you. I have letters and am still in transitional accom. I tried to do my own quilt but its a long story but the old lady who runs the group is very set in her ways and has had me in tears on several occasions. I still have my attempt and would like some help in finishing it. I do not own a sewing machine though its something I would eventually like to get.
Can you help me out with something for the winter. I can contribute in some way but I am not sure how.

Forgive me for asking this way I had no other way to contact you. any help would be gratefully received. I have some ideas for a quilt I would like to do but will need help with achieving it. I am also a professional photographer and if you could use my services to show off your wonderful creations (including close up photos) just ask, Im sure we could work something out.

Anyway my contacts are:
9078 3913 Home. and mobile 044889 6697.

I look forward to talking with someone.
CampFollowerBagLady 11 years ago
Hi Rebekka,

I just sent you an email with some information for you.

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