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clickykbd ADMIN August 10, 2013
Rotating group banner photos, read more.

Group Description


Advice for first time contributors...

Please describe your camera movement technique in the description or comments of your images. This makes it much easier for us to decide if it belongs in the pool. Once you have a few in the pool that qualify, you no longer need to include this extra information unless you think the image will confuse the admins.

This is a "technique" group, and the technique here is regarded by some as insanity. For we are the reckless folks on flickr that enjoy the abstract, chance, generative, physical photography that results from throwing our cameras into the air (most often at night in front of varied light sources).
It is about trading risk for reward in the pursuit of art. It is not about being a photographer, it is about enabling the photography that happens naturally when you let go of the process, give up control, and add a hell of alot more variables. It is about physics, gravity, angular momentum, acceleration, direction, chaos, and timing... most of which you have tenuous control of at best!

For further clarification on criteria for photos in this group read this thread.
THEY MUST ACTUALLY BE TOSSES (as in I threw my camera), if you did something else and aren't sure, post it in the forums and inquire.

All posts will require moderator approval before appearing in the pool
changed on 07/04/2008, to fight spam and off-topic posts.

Max of 1 photo per 24 hour period.
changed on 07/04/2008, no more limits to your total contributions!

Permissions. By submitting images to this pool you grant the administrators permission to publish them (properly attributed) on the official blog for this group, Camera Toss (The Blog), and it's affiliated pages including possible future gallery pages powered by the Flickr API.

If you have questions about the new rules, contact the moderators.
_nod's tossing guide for beginners
Camera Toss, Mini-HOWTO
Camera Toss Blog
Camera Toss is a particular form of kinetic photography, the camera must be airborne and unobstructed by the photographer or other means.

If that seems too risky, please join Kinetic Photography which encompasses a broad range of safer techniques along these lines.
Please tag every camera toss photo that meets the requirements with "cameratoss". This is true of photos both in and out of the pool.

cameratoss-daylight is a recommended additional tag for camera toss photographs taken in full daylight or otherwise bright ambient environments.

cameratoss-portrait is for pictures where you've intentionally tried to capture a human form. A sub-activity in camera toss that many enjoy and is actually quite challenging.

cameratoss-inspired is for images that don't meet the criteria but were inspired by the group, post them in this thread.

cameratoss-prose is for images that are accompanied by creative text. A recent idea for further exploration.

cameratoss-creation is for your creative creations that are not strictly camera tosses, but employ source images generated this way.

cameratoss-blogged is RESERVED FOR ADMIN, I add this to photos that make the camera toss blog.
the pool
by tag "cameratoss"
individual's sets (see "hall of toss" below)

Because of our former pool guidelines that restricted individuals to 10 each, not every tossed image is located here, you can view the massive volume of work via tag search for cameratoss.

Also note that many of the members have unique sets devoted to camera tossing, be sure to read Announcing Sets thread and frequently check their sets pages.

The group and administrators are not liable for any damage to yourself or photographic equipment if you choose to attempt the things pictured here. Also please read this word of caution regarding my experiences and the probability of destorying your equipment.

Please don't be offended if we remove photos that are admittedly or obviously not tosses. It would be unfair to those that took the full risk. Usually we will ask first to find out the details anyway.

There are many alternative abstract painting with light groups if you like this, or if your photos don't match the group criteria. To name a few:
light movement
light in motion
light painting
slow shutter magic

Camera Toss. Get yours at

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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