cobalt123 4:01am, 12 May 2006
Holy cow, where did 68 members come from? I thought I was one of the few who posted topics or photos. Thank you all for coming here!
I am R. 15 years ago
Well, I know where the latest came from... ;)

-ls COTC
cobalt123 15 years ago
Cream of the Crop? Interesting! Who knows where our members come from! I guess I will have to post a cat photo tomorrow morning to be a Friday Cat Bloggin "official" post, ha ha!
cobalt123 14 years ago
Now we are up to 76 members, and we are not even promoting this group or having active discussions. What a surprise! There are people in flickr who are still finding this group and nice contributions to our group pool. Thanks to all for making this a sweet little group to visit.
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