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lynn roebuck photography ADMIN November 24, 2013
Caver, Caves & Caving Photos, Rocks! ^V^

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Group Description

Cavers, Caves & Caving. Get yours at

Hi Cavers! This group is dedicated to Caving Photos and Cave Photographers! It is the place for everyone interested in caves and caving photography to share your cave photos, photos of cavers or caving photos! This caving group formed January 3, 2007 and is on its way to becoming one of the bigger caving photos & caving video groups on Flickr!! We Rock!

Photo Examples include; caving, caves, cavers, pits, ridgewalking, cave mapping, cave survey, caving equipment, speleothems, horizontal caving, cave diving, safe caving practices, cave species, and speleology. Also please take a moment and add photo's of cave species to the group Cave Life Photos [CLP]

To Add a Photo to our Caving Group: Just go to your 'photo's page' and click the "Send to Group" icon found between the photo title and the photo. A list of your groups will appear - choose 'Cavers, Caves & Caving Photos [CCCP]'. Then just copy and paste the following TAG to each of your photos: CCCP
This is a tag-your-photo's group - if you're not interested in tagging every photo, please don't add them to the group and cause work for others who volunteer.

We're just Cavers who love Caving and Cave Photography!
Good Caving!

Cavers, Caves & Caving Photos [ CCCP ] - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

Invitation Code:

<a href=>
<img src="/></a>You Rock!! If you haven't done so please add your caving photo to: <a href=""><alt="CAVERS, CAVES & CAVING PHOTOS"></a>
<b>Please tag your photo: CCCP</b>

It Looks Like This:

You Rock!! If you haven't done so please add your caving photo to:

Please tag your photo: CCCP

^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

* Another Flickr group just for Cave Critter photos is Cave Life Photos [CLP]

* Babel Fish Translation

Group Rules

Welcome Cave Photographers and Cavers!


1. Please TAG your photo: CCCP when you add it to our group pool.

2. Your photo should contain at least one of the following: cavers, caves, or caving!
Some examples: cavers, caves, pits, caving, ridgewalking, people cave mapping, cave survey, caving gear, speleothems, vertical caving, horizontal caving, safe caving practices, cave science, caving events, cave species, etc. While interesting, mines and other man-made underground structures really are not caves. We wish to encourage the submission of quality photos of interest to cavers, making room for talented beginners as well as seasoned cave photographers alike.

A photo may be removed from the pool without warning if the images are poorly captured, a tourist cave "snapshots", contain porn, are repetitive, are of poor quality, are out of focus,too dark or over-processed, etc, etc or the photo is simply not a cave, cavers or caving.

3. Please treat other group members with courtesy, respect and interest in their artist creations.

4. Please do not add porn, cave maps, diagrams or caving propaganda. These will be removed from the group without explanation or notice. DO NOT upload other peoples © photos.

Enjoy the group & Good Caving!

Our group cave vehicle:

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 10 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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