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caterina 6:35am, 31 December 2004
Let me know if you see any photos, or photosets, or groups, or anything cool that should be posted to FlickrBlog! Thanks!
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Brenda Anderson 17 years ago
I've been "obsessed" with In Numerical Order. Good for a bit of competition, anticipation, anxiety, and fun.
Special 17 years ago
Fubuki's Mantis Fu: Animated Set is pretty cool and excellent as a slide show. I'm also fond of his My addiction photo and his double downed is just brilliant.
GustavoG 17 years ago
curiouskiwi, what happened to number 12?
GustavoG 17 years ago
Caterina, I know this is not exactly what you asked for, but if you want material for the blog, consider these... :)
OOOH! I love this. Eek, where do I start?

I love bigempty's Iceland set, especially this photo.

I've seen a few other remarkable sets recently, but I can't remember where. :( (We need a way to add sets to our favorites - hint, hint!)

No idea where this came from, but seems like good (that is, strange!) material for the FlickrBlog: (Warning: may be "internet crap"! Can't tell.)

...oh yeah, plus about a billion other photos from my favorites! A few that I particularly like:

Sorry; that ended up being a lot.

In terms of groups...
Glimpse looks promising.

OK, you're all probably totally sick of my suggestions now. Your fault for asking, though! :p
stimulating bikes [deleted]
I agree and second Special on Fubuki's sets. simply for the fact that they are original, extremely creative and very unique to Flickr.
GustavoG 17 years ago
I just posted the list of the most favored photos - several of which of course have been shown in the FlickrBlog - together with some analysis.
Vanita's Cookie Fortunes. Surpassingly blog worthy.
give up goat's arms?!
Whether a goat is a greater actor than Tom...
However, it is serious.
5500 17 years ago
It'd be awesome if folks wrapped up 2004 by checking out/contributing to YITL!

Happy new year, all!
the flickrblog is best when showcasing groups, imo.

so therefore:

Meer 17 years ago
freddy 17 years ago
I've been enjoying the curiously named Nannydaddy's work lately (not a lot up yet, but one to watch).
Would be nice to publicise these new groups:

Flag Abuse
Flag Abuse
"about the commercialization of the image, of the icon, of the flag"
(open to flags from any country, but most examples so-far have been of the US flag)

Exquisite Corpse

"A group for surreal collages made from other people's images"

Images used with permission - contributors of images can leave links to them in this thread

the new "Collage Beginners" group
Vanita 17 years ago
Just wanted to draw your attention to the following set by Nadar. It is a set of brilliant photos taken by his deceased father. Without flickr they would be languishing unseen in the family ephemera, and that would be a shame because they are stunning. This set is an on going loving tribute by a son to his father.

So not only is flickr giving contemporary photographers a venue in which to be seen, but it has the capacity to give voices to noteworthy photographers of the past too.
SiYH 17 years ago

and my Only One is a different way to browse 'everyone's' pictures.
evanescent memory [deleted] 17 years ago
In slideshow animation you can see what's possible with a nice Flickr feature.
bodhi47 17 years ago
intutum 17 years ago
second that vote by Vanita, of Nadar's set of his father's photos, it is fantastic!

all of it, the photos and Nadar's loving appreciation of his father's work.
evanescent memory [deleted]
And look what one can do with the archive!
Isn't that absolutely cool???

[EDIT for those of you who looked at it from different time zones]
Please don't think I'm crazy, 'cause I'm not. Here's the proof ;-)
Bonnie*B 17 years ago
whoa. Pandarine, how is that done?
Hey somebonnie, it'a bit of work. I have to decide on the original photo (my fave for the month that is generally landscape oriented), and then go into photoshop and cut it all into the little parts. Then, i upload them and change their posted dates to the appropriate dates (and times of 23:59:59 so they're the one that shows), and that's it! It's a way to occupy an hour and a half on a non-photo day...
evanescent memory [deleted] 17 years ago
You got waaayyy too much time on your hands, Zen! :D
Some nice little groups that could benefit from some promotion. None of these are mine...

Mannequin - Beautiful and creepy photos of store mannequins.

Story Project - photos that have inspired original stories, or bits of stories, or perhaps the photos were taken to illustrate stories. With the story attached, they become part of the Story Project.

Sand - A place to post photos of small particles of pulverized rock.

Statuary - Photos and discussion about statues, ranging from gargoyles to commemorative to crazy things carved in stone. Anything that looks perfectly still in real life.

Spilled - Photos of spilled things, whether accidental or on purpose
evanescent memory [deleted]
Just for the record:
There is another group about sand, Special ;-)
Bonnie*B 17 years ago
Thanks zen! Yes, a bit of work ;-)
*ivo* 17 years ago
There are these two nifty new groups that are of note:

For your funny pics:

For your party pics:
kenjisama 17 years ago
i think this is an interesting group but is hidden in a lil' corner of the flickrverse:
The translations group would be good for the blog I think. Would help people that need translations find the resource to get them.

Also.. Group Therapy (an excellent resource for group owners) has a promotional topic listing many different groups.
The Abandoned pool is up to 500 or so ( I have to do a little pruning!) and it is studpendous. It's a terrific slideshow. People really stuck to the subject and it is truly a "collection." I hesitate to rave about this since it's "my" group, but it's not my group, I'm just the maid.
philna's stuff
like this one:
Auntie P 17 years ago
The Glimpse group has risen rapidly since it began on December 11th. There are currently 198 members with 269 Glimpses in the photo pool.

The group is for photographs that show a Glimpse to another place or world. It's the idea of a secret garden through the gate, an exciting adventure to be had beyond the place you are.

The main point is that you should be able to see only a tantalising Glimpse of what is beyond, or around the corner, or through the doorway ...

The different ways the Glimpse theme has been interpreted is constantly amazing.
Coffee_Break 17 years ago
This guy seems to be new here but I'm already a fan of his (mostly infrared) works!

Janusfinder takes some real knockout portraits, but this jumping photo is really amazing.

... which leads to the Jumping Project. Not sure if it's been mentioned or not, but it is such a great group.
otherthings 17 years ago
If your readers are looking for humor, Stick Figures in Peril made me laugh 'til I peed.
Coffee_Break 17 years ago
dalydose 17 years ago
I've always enjoyed Vanita's Cookie Fortune set. It has a vast inventiveness derived from a simple idea of using fortunes in pictures whose contents are inspired by said fortune.
Bob Gamble 17 years ago
I got one- animalapropism
Just_Tom 17 years ago
This is a great shot.
FriskoDude 17 years ago
zen 17 years ago
I just love the kids art slideshow by Pumpkin Chief

extended imagination
retiredfromflickr 17 years ago
I am so enjoying BigAl's Get Stoned! photoset!

: )
ocherdraco 17 years ago
The story behind this photo by CherryVega, and this one by Matt is perhaps the best thing I've ever seen on Flickr.
evanescent memory [deleted] 17 years ago
Thanks for linking that, ocherdraco! What a story!
evanescent memory [deleted]
Did you know where hot air ballons come from? This is the funniest thing I've seen since the cat with the coke bottle :D
Oh, these new photos by Fubuki:

This one cracks me up!

Special 17 years ago
Piper's tears set is wonderful.

Ro Halfhide 17 years ago
There's a new group called Picture Requests, that takes photojournalism one step further. Say you need a pic of dried up Venice? Ask for it in Pic Requests, and someone might respond and make the pic for you. Of course for this group to work, it needs global attention. But I think it's a great idea. More info here.
Velvet G's set "The Unseen War" is an ingenious, imaginative collection of macro photos of toy soldiers presented in a way that's going to blow your mind. In general, this guy does a lot fantastic work, but this particular set is something special.

And please consider giving a plug to the new-but-booming group All Animals. It's an all-inclusive group for photos of any and all non-human fauna.

From the group description: "Animals of all types: furry or scaly, feathered or slimey, large or small, wild or domestic, cute or ugly, cuddly or scary. Anything from otters to elephants, diatoms to whales, hummingbirds to albatross."
caterina 17 years ago
These are all great!!! Expect to see some of these on FlickrBlog in the near future (if they haven't been seen there already!)

Thanks everyone. As usual, you've really come through and contributed a bunch of amazing stuff here. You guys ARE Flickr!
Dawn Endico 17 years ago
I hope its not too late for me to mention Anahit. Most of her images are paintings rather than photographs, but they are very whimsical and dreamlike and i love them.
hexodus... 17 years ago
Here is a set of Communist statues from Hungary.
lately lil has been posting a wonderful series of images from japan themed old and new that quite caught my eye. A lot of night shots. very cool
joaobambu 17 years ago
Yesterday, I met a professional photojournalist from the AJC (Atlanta-Jornal Constitution). He showed me his photos from the last 20 years and his Canon $4,500 Digital Monster.

All I know is that I will study photojournalism at University of Georgia, Athenas at the end of the year and I will not REST until I get on the FlickrBlog!!!


Actually, to respond to this topic, I think "seawallwonder" (amazing photos of Vancouver, Canada) should get an honorable mention or Technicolor Girl, just for being so darn cute, or Efatima, Fubiki, or Tato!

Too many too mention, I am out the door, good morning!
joaobambu 17 years ago
Look at this!

joaobambu 17 years ago
Or Why Not?

joaobambu 17 years ago
Etolane's Ice Hotel set.
rvacapinta 17 years ago
I know squaredcircle has been linked and mentioned before but I think lunaryuna's squaredcircle favorites posters are gorgeous. See here:
This weekend is packed with political events for the US. There are two protest sites (one is my own, sorry for the plug) that are timely, so i thought i would mention them:

Turn your back on Bush: Express your displeasure with George W.Bush before the inauguration, January 20th.

I ♥ Roe v Wade: post pictures of your support for Roe v Wade before or after the march on January 22nd.

Both would look great on after the events, if we can get loads of people to participate.
Just_Tom 17 years ago
Steffe's fabulous glowing greenhouse shots...
GustavoG 17 years ago
Coffee_Break 17 years ago
A bunch of backyard birds

Sherlock77 (James) 17 years ago
In the last couple of days I'm coming across piles of pictures from the blizzard on the east coast of North America, just search for "blizzard" tags and you should come up with lots of great pictures...
Shepherd 17 years ago
Greg's shot of a cardinal in his back yard:
Sherlock77 (James) 17 years ago
Here's one fantastic set of old photo's that I think has been largely ignored... Photo's from Edinburgh, from the 1800's through to the 1960's... I've been in communication with the person who posted them - he says he found them in an old house there a few years ago and has no idea where they came from... Some great archival pictures though!
pberry 17 years ago
A friend of mine is teaching in China and taking some very cool shots:

His set on Advertising and Packaging alone is with worth a look.
eminent discovery [deleted] 17 years ago
IXUS40 has a beutiful set of the doors of Ecuador and Cuba:
these two photos i have taken in copenhagen. maybe a "signs" showcase would be nice.


I Fart
There are a bunch of great photos by Brazilian photographers (all of these images came from one page of my faves).

For example:

and the entire paraty set by Maratimba

rose-woman foliao
and many others by Glauco Carvalho

an election-day photo by kali lin

(the most dreaded thing a man can get at a news stand) by lao

Reis Magos folha1
and many others by ana pinta

as well as just about anything by tatiana cardeal
malyousif 17 years ago
why not take a walk with me through the Manama Old Souq? Your senses will be attacked by colours, smells and sights!

malyousif 17 years ago
or fly with me for a day trip to Dubai?

jaymce 17 years ago
shameless self promotion, but look at her... she promotes herself...


muddy @ about three months
emdot 17 years ago
zenera 17 years ago
Tim Zim
has a great boat with a great story, this is just one one photo
of many and here is his blog
about how he bought her on ebay!
emdot 17 years ago
Carf's capoeira pics.
retiredfromflickr 17 years ago
Eric Eggertson 17 years ago
HyperBob's Russian math game photo in FlickrGames has had almost 10,000 views. Must have been severely blogged, but no one is sure which blogs are linked to it.
The Jason Webley Grocery Invasion

Taunting Kazoos around the manager (?)

Until he gives in (?) and joins in (?)
draGnet ★ 17 years ago
Lomokev has too many beautiful photos for his own good, Caterina. You have to check them out!
Snailrail Specimens has quite a collection of rail worker poetry going on. Quite entertaining and a bit mischevious.
bodhi47 17 years ago
emdot turned me onto this guy, arial photographer
eight recess [deleted]
50mm has a wonderful set of her dog - but all portraits, like so:

"my daddy was a wolf"

such character!
caterina 17 years ago
Thanks bodhi -- as you can see I posted Vision Aerie's stuff yesterday! Woohoo!

And a lot more of everyone's recommendations are coming up.
Dave Ward Photography 17 years ago
Caterina, I think these two are a couple of the most amazing and important photos I've seen on flickr. Please, please consider these two for the blog:
"You don't wanna even try" and "choices", both by selkie.
djwudi 17 years ago
Wow — there's an incredible selection of stuff in here. I'm going to have fun just checking out everyone's suggestions, whether they make it to the Flickr Blog or not.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my shots of the Jason Webley Grocery Invasion pop up (thanks, emdot!). There's a little more explanation to that story here (and I really should add that link to the set description).

And can I second Smaragd's recommendation of selkie's photos? Wow. Very powerful.
Shooz 17 years ago
I'll third the recommendation of Selkie's recent set
Ro Halfhide 17 years ago
Make me fourth to ask give Selkie a stage for her work. She deserves it the most.
Auntie P 17 years ago
On the Macro group there's a new idea brewing.

It's a 100 Steps challenge. You take a macro, walk 25 steps, take another ... until you have five images. You can choose your starting point of course, but you must find something to photograph at the point you stop next.
Sinulog street celebration

Colourful and joyous.
evanescent memory [deleted] 17 years ago
The amazing Flickr Central colorpicker is sooo cool!
krazydad / jbum 17 years ago
Why thank you!

I added this one last night:

Crayon Box Color Picker

There are now four color pickers. If any other groups with large pools would like one, drop me a note.
lifeinpixels 17 years ago
fallsroad's Glass Bubbles photoset is a wonderful journey into the lives of glass paperweights.
caterina 17 years ago
Fantastic recommendations everyone. Selkie for sure deserves recognition on FlickrBlog!
HyperBob 17 years ago
Wonderfully disorientating.

Clear as a puddle
Paul Watson 17 years ago
The unseen war

The topic is not pleasant, war, but the creative photography is brilliant. Toy soldiers in the thick of battle, The unseen war by Velvet G.
common throne [deleted] 17 years ago
Search the tags and you will see that Andy Coote and Retromia both got some good snaps of Ellen Macarthur's entrance into Falmouth today - a high point for us boat bores.
Inti 17 years ago

Bueno podrias considerar algunas de mis fotos. Consider these.

Explorando el Sur

Delfines voladores

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