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jittery purpose [deleted] 6:23pm, 23 November 2005
To whom it may concern,

We, the undersigned, are in support of making the Magic Donkey the official mascot of the Flickr community (and the brand). This means cute Magic Donkey icons, buttons, t-shirts, panties, and other fun stuff.

The Undersigned...
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jittery purpose [deleted] 16 years ago
Jayel Aheram
emdot 16 years ago
i dunno, i like the thought of dos pesos....

maybe dos pesos is a magic donkey just really small?
And the magic donkey is....? I have a donkey, but he's not magic.
Kevin 16 years ago
Jayel's got the right idea. I second it.

-- from plow plane - (?)
tranquil bell [deleted] Posted 16 years ago. Edited by tranquil bell (member) 16 years ago
hmmm. I'm not sure about Magical Donkey, but Pie...that's my thang.

The flickr dots remind me of two oscillating pies. *drool*
Donkeys are not noted for the intelligence or their speed - is this significant? (I have just had a very big dose of delays due to Flickr indigestion - so maybe I am a bit jaded.)
Kevin 16 years ago
Donkeys are not noted for the intelligence

Actually, I believe the opposite has been observed to be the case. In any event, the Magic Donkey is the oracle that determines interestingness, it's not the server or network administrator.
striatic 16 years ago
i always thought the unofficial mascot was dos pesos
Brian T Wright 16 years ago
Interestingness isn't interesting anymore. I vote for dos pesos, or the armadillo.

-- from jeffclow - (?)
striatic 16 years ago
see, he's even got a team uniform:

alert chicken [deleted] 16 years ago
the donkey must win.
vasta 16 years ago
yeah, i like dos pesos. though the magic donkey is a mystical, fascinating character.
txkimmers 16 years ago
wow, this is so east coast, west coast.
V@n Posted 16 years ago. Edited by V@n (member) 16 years ago
I guess I'm fated to be the contrarian. The Magic Donkey of legend supposedly shits gold. Dunno if Flickr wants that for a mascot... I'd vote for Dos Pesos.
marilink 16 years ago
but where can we see them?
julian- 16 years ago
I'm sorry, but the official flickr mascot will *always* be the KIRF.
styler* 16 years ago
but he's not dos pesos
dos is
cute, yet ugly
sweet, yet snappy

the pefect symbol of flickr
elbisreverri 16 years ago
how interesting that it's a magic donkey and not a magic, say, for example, elephant

dos pesos it is then
Monkey Magic Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Monkey Magic (member) 16 years ago
What about magic monkeys? It only takes an M?

And s/he loves flickr
Monkeye 16 years ago
magic monkeye's!!!
heather 16 years ago
It's DP all the way.

The Magic Donkey is tickled pink by your consideration, but he's also a huge DP fan.
jittery purpose [deleted] 16 years ago
Who the hell is Dos Pesos?
Brenda Anderson 16 years ago
Dos Pesos... and also Flickr photo #88 ... been around longer than most of us. :)
V@n Posted 16 years ago. Edited by V@n (member) 16 years ago
I hear the MD likes apples. Not that he's necessarily "interested" in them or anything.

-- from Littlepillow
styler* 16 years ago
Dos Pesos owns Cat and Stewart
dynamic eye [deleted] 16 years ago
I love and own dogs, but "De gustibus non est disputandum", (There is no disputing taste.) I award Flickr THE GOLDEN ZERO, for ugliness (in my opinion only), of most member icons and for the suggested Flickr Icons.

Have a graphic artist from Flickr make a colorful abstract of the letters FLICKR. That dog and whatever that other creature is does not repesent me.
clickykbd Posted 16 years ago. Edited by clickykbd (member) 16 years ago
me, the texan gets a little miffed, we love our armored rats down here.

ohh wait, he was referring to dos pesos, wow i'm on the defensive today!
striatic 16 years ago
just to get everyone up to speed on this:

dos pesos is a chihuahua-yorkie cross who is the proud owner of caterina fake and stewart butterfield, founders of flickr.

he is flickr's official mascot.

flickr photo #88 is a photograph of dos pesos and is the oldest picture on flickr that is not a test image.

dos pesos has a flickr uniform that heather had made especially for him.

here are some photos of dos pesos, as you can see, he is very cute:

the end.
artelisa 16 years ago

i agree... he is really the only and the one !!!
Now I am completely put off - Dos Pesos is described as "cute".
striatic 16 years ago
Now I am completely put off - Dos Pesos is described as "cute".

i'd watch what you say, you don't want want to end up like this:

Can you hear my knees knocking?

I note that nobody called this object "cute". There's some good in the world after all.
Kevin 16 years ago
You are right.

styler* 16 years ago
i think it's ickle cuite pie
Yogi 16 years ago
Devil Doll! Schweet!
striatic 16 years ago
wow, i guess one day you wake up in a flickrverse where DP isn't universally beloved.

how the H-E-double hockey sticks did that happen?
vasta 16 years ago
they're all in denial stri. everyone loves DP, they just don't have the courage to admit it yet.
txkimmers 16 years ago
He doesn't have to be universally beloved to be the Flickr mascot. He just has to be there first. And he was. So he's it, he is IT.

So there, nyah nyah nyah nyah.
Stewart 16 years ago
I read this with DP at my feet and when I got to the end, and the last "nyah", he gave a very loud sneeze.
GustavoG 16 years ago
(Waiting for the paparazzi shots of DP's sneeze to show up on Flickr...)
gustavo, i'm holding out for sideboob shots myself
jittery purpose [deleted] Posted 16 years ago. Edited by jittery purpose (member) 16 years ago
Except Dos Pesos does not do anything useful! The Magic Donkey decides Interestingness! I, for one, have never heard of this little canine runt. But the Magic Donkey, wise and all-powerful, is well-known!

I am defending my petition! Magic Donkey as official mascot 4ever!
GustavoG 16 years ago
Except Dos Pesos does not do anything useful!

Huh? It is my understanding that Dos Pesos is the ultimate decision maker in Flickr. Just like Brock was the real power behind FlickrCentral.

Before he was made administrator, that is. Now he's just a public servant.
emdot 16 years ago
jayel, who do you think made the decision to lower the pro rate to $25?

jeez, have some respect. ;)
Brenda Anderson 16 years ago
I've reported a bug involving this thread. I can't see any replies since Stewart's one about the sneeze. I'm wondering if posting here will update my page and let me see all the missing posts.

btw, jayel this donkey does not decide interestingness, it just eats my apples and sits there. does this mean it's not a magic donkey?
Brenda Anderson 16 years ago
*Bump* Is anyone else experiencing this problem of missing threads in groups? I know that there are lots of Central threads that I can't see (I've seen them in my RSS reader but they don't appear here).
Thomas Hawk 16 years ago
jittery purpose [deleted] 16 years ago
PG: All donkeys are magical.
emdot 16 years ago
-- from bonnym - (?)

These donkeys asked me to type their words, since they only have hooves:

"We vote for Dos Pesos."
slippery question [deleted] 16 years ago
dos pesos all the way!!!
Brock Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Brock (admin) 16 years ago
Flickr appears to have burped.

I see the missing posts now. Although some after CK's post about it seem to have gone. Unless she deleted it as no longer relevant.

It's ALL very confusing...
white dog 16 years ago
i vote for dos pesos..looks good to me
SuperDave!! Posted 16 years ago. Edited by SuperDave!! (member) 16 years ago
I vote for Dos Pesos, too...

and these two Magic Donkeys say, "Vote for Dos Pesos!!!" ;-))

-- from Cat Faery - (?)
present bird [deleted] 16 years ago
DP is lovely and exciting. but the donkeys must win.
Riv 14 years ago
I didn't get to this early enough apparently.

clearly the macrochicken should be the official mascot of flickr:


he's macro and he's chicken. and he's badder than all these asses.
'SeraphimC 14 years ago
I, SeraphimC, hereby and forthwith post haste sign the aforementioned petition with sound mind and body and with a quill pen dipped in the ink of an innocent's blood.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
And, what a body...
-RobW- 14 years ago
How about Dos Pesos riding the Magic Donkey?

It just seems obvious to me...
Museum of Dirt 14 years ago
Or even better, Magic Donkey riding Dos Pesos.
Anyone second that motion?
1541 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by emdot (admin) 14 years ago
ive no idea what this is all about.. but here is a spanish donkey

nice ass
Forrest Seas 14 years ago
One jackass to carry the shame and disgrace of turning Flickr into the cartoon its become. Another to carry all that 'sell out' cash.
emdot 14 years ago
* rolls eyes *
Forrest Seas 14 years ago
+ stomps feet +
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
Hey, selling out is ALL THE RAGE
Forrest Seas 14 years ago
Not 'all' the rage, sweet Corin. I have some extra, if you need a loan...
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
I don't really do rage.
Forrest Seas Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Forrest Seas (member) 14 years ago
Doo rags? I'm just pissed at being abandoned by my contacts, and getting my best work thrown out of Explore, and the fact that Beebo is a bigger star, even though we live in the same town, and, and...I weep for the old days of early Flickr, when life was... oh, who gives a poop.
bosquetango 14 years ago
Selling out is the new black.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
Forrest, beebo's not a star, he's just a tart.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
bosquetango - new pink, please.
Forrest Seas 14 years ago
I feel so much better...being a tart.
jeneveeve 14 years ago
I say give it to the chihuahua, he was the first and he is deserving, I mean, how many of us have been around that long AND have flickr clothes, seriously?
**But why can't he have a sidekick?
DP could choose a "mascot-o-the year", sort of like the chinese calendar - year of the magic donkey, year of the magic monkey, year of the magic iguana, you get it.... chosen by DP (and his peeps) from all the great images and imaginations on flickr.
Create a group, flickerittes post a pic and story, and every Jan. we crown a new mascot of the year to be DP's sidekick. (maybe each mascot would get a flickr cape...don't sidekicks usually have capes? Or is that just with superhero's?)'s just a thought....I'll go back to work now...
Tampen 14 years ago
Post your fourth best kitten shot here.
jittery purpose [deleted] 14 years ago
No, no. Purple kittens.
Omsel 14 years ago

Michael Smith 14 years ago
OK sorry. Rev Dan Catt sent me here. But yes, the Magic Donkey SHOULD be Flickr's mascot.
clube_desportivo Posted 14 years ago. Edited by clube_desportivo (member) 14 years ago
Enough kittens already.
(No need for donkeys is what I meant, but purple kittens? Why not stripy ones, pref. blue/white?)
Goldmund100 14 years ago
Please, believe, he's not me!
It's not me Posted 14 years ago. Edited by striatic (admin) 14 years ago

-- from robinryan - (?)

[admin: edit for size]
ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ (member) 14 years ago
I rather like Kids Smoking instead.
Kid Smoking
striatic 14 years ago
'DP could choose a "mascot-o-the year", sort of like the chinese calendar'

i think that's a great idea.

DP as flickr Head-of-State, who can appoint someone to do all the public appearances that he's too busy for.

sort of like the Queen and Governor General in Canada.
I am not voting for any donkey that I cannot see!!
how about some sort of a power sharing situation like this:

photo by akseabird

wait... why am I shamelessly plugging someone else's photo??
jittery purpose [deleted] 14 years ago
That photo needs to be censored! My eyes have been violated by those lewd, turgid steel udders of that cow statue.
pterandon 14 years ago
Did you all get permission before linking to those photos?
jittery purpose [deleted] 14 years ago
Pterandon: Hahaha. :)
kindly card [deleted] 14 years ago
Hypnotoad should be the mascot.
I like it better than if it was called the Magic Turkey!
☼ Helder 14 years ago
my vote for HypnoToad too :-D
theappraiserlady 14 years ago
Nice macrochicken.
Jim Skea 14 years ago
In the spirit of Explore, I'd say any MagicDonkey mascot should be a glittery animated GIF.
jittery purpose [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by jittery purpose (member) 14 years ago
Wow. This thread is exactly two years old and it is still going strong?

I was still a civilian then!
magic donkey ? great idea!!

a stubborn guy
sadalit 14 years ago
Define "magic."
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)
English physicist & science fiction author (1917 - )

The donkey is clearly beyond our best attempts to describe or document, so it just continues to graze in the realm of magic.
Engineer J 14 years ago
what are the other options?
attractive yam [deleted] 14 years ago
I heart Donkeys!

Donkeys Rule!
Fletcher Gravy 14 years ago
EngineerJ--There's Bernie the Lethargic Octopus:
Octopus bimaculoides
jasonjerbil 14 years ago
i'm not very good at shooting donkeys
allow me to introduce Piaf
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