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Flickr Loves Me?

getthebubbles 1:38am, 1 June 2007
I already knew that :)

what happened to Gamma?
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lovely room [deleted] 14 years ago
Aww wow- that's nice! Cos I love flickr! :-D's intriguing! Gammas gone! O_o
Tampen 14 years ago
But does Flickr love us enough not to go away for massages when we need it most ?
StarrGazr 14 years ago
Now you are asking for miracles, Tampen!
regular plant [deleted] 14 years ago
wow, flickr does love me!
photo208cam 14 years ago
But how long does love last?

Is i just a dream?

or is it The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
Brock 14 years ago
Love sucks. It always stamps on your nuts and steals all your best CD's.

And maxes your credit cards.

Love sucks.
getthebubbles 14 years ago
give me back my black T-shirt.
photo208cam 14 years ago
The old radio still plays

....Love hurts, love scars, love wounds
And mars, any heart
Not tough or stong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts......ooh,ooh love hurts....

Kaddy 14 years ago
Does this mean I'm cheating on the missus?
Lawren Jesse 14 years ago
I'm glad someone mentioned this, I would have gone on thinking it was just part of the messages about renewing my pro account.

Another 24.95? C'mon, we love you!
Stewart 14 years ago
Back story: just before we left the office today, we were talking about when we were going to remove Gamma from the logo (was originally supposed to happen last summer, but it never did) and Dunstan asked if he could change it to "loves you" and so we did. We'll probably change it back to gamma soon :)
photo208cam 14 years ago
Before i myself, it seemed that i was only loved by jesus on bumper stickers... lost in traffic

and somehow this does not sound right
Joits 14 years ago
it loves me today... but will it love me enough when my pro account runs out in a month to not charge me to re-up? i think not...
memoriesofthewind Posted 14 years ago. Edited by memoriesofthewind (member) 14 years ago
it does, like everyone else:)

...and does our narcissism need encouragement?!
purplewon2000 14 years ago
It's always nice to know I'm loved. I spent so much of my teen years hearing how worthless I am, being told I'm loved is quite refreshing.
ill take love of gamma
Ice Nine 14 years ago
I'm waiting for the Flickr Furrows version...
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
*agrees with Ice Nine*
emdot 14 years ago

flickr and i no longer need to hide our love from the world.

world: flickr and i love each other. it is real. our love is strong.
beebo wallace 14 years ago
excuse me emdot ...
Joits 14 years ago
someone's jealous...
Extra Medium 14 years ago
Great. Now Flickr says it loves me. But in a few months, I'll catch Flickr cheating on me with some floozy photographer and I'll end up sleeping until noon, wearing sweat pants and eating taco bell all day long.
styler* 14 years ago
i love flickr
David Wilson Clarke 14 years ago
I think Flickr's just teasing. Tart.
_sarchi 14 years ago's only still [image] love and if it's still love in 2010 I'll be as surprised as you because there is nothing else in my life.. yet :)
Berat 14 years ago
Berat loves you too flickr ;)
I am already taken !
eagle1effi 14 years ago
No, shows not all new shots for public , stands still on 26 March with 556 shots, really 781 shots. flicker´s database sleepping until summer?
-RobW- Posted 14 years ago. Edited by -RobW- (member) 14 years ago
You're all wrong, Flickr loves ME. It says so in grey and white. Doesn't "Flickr love *you*", does it? Well then.
Farhiz 14 years ago
No one says the staff shouldn't have fun at work but this is too cheesy for me. Better time spent in keeping the new switches working well.
-RobW- 14 years ago
Love makes you dumb. FACT.

This is yet another stage in the Vast Conspiracy To Dumb Down Flickr.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
We are slowly winning the battle!

*twirls hair*
-RobW- 14 years ago
Trey Ratcliff 14 years ago
I think it used to say "Flickr Thinks You Should Take Better Photographs"
markhsal 14 years ago
Sorry everyone, but Flickr loves me! It says so.
Kim Taylor Hull 14 years ago
If Flickr REALLY loved me, a pie would have been delivered to my door ;)
ErichZAA 14 years ago
Sounds to me like Flickr is a floozy...
Pacdog 14 years ago
Flickr sure is slow today!!!! love or no love speed up boyz!!!!!
Azchael 14 years ago
I like the sentence. Better than "Gamma".
verybigjen Posted 14 years ago. Edited by verybigjen (member) 14 years ago
I know flickr is just a golddigging slut out for m y $25, but it's still nice to hear!

I think every week that logo should change... ie google... cute stuff like "Hi mom" or "Duke sucks"... hehe!
purplewon2000 14 years ago
Gamma sounds like it was going to break out the ray guns and annihalate all of us. Flickr loves you sounds so much more positive.
GustavoG 14 years ago
To me it sounds a bit cheesy, and somewhat irrelevant.
Come on, this is about photography! The tagline could have been:
flickr OH, SHOOT
.imelda 14 years ago
I took a shot of this before seeing this thread.

flickr Loves You - We love you too!
mattmc89 14 years ago
I love Flickr but it no love me so much :( (WHINE)
StarrGazr 14 years ago
Ohhh!! Gustavo, I like that!
steƒan. 14 years ago
did anything else except for the expression of love change? any new features?
Dr. Keats 14 years ago
Hang on - Flickr loves others as well??

My God, I'm being cheated on...
cooperative pan [deleted] 14 years ago
Since Flickr loves me and all, can Flickr sport me $50 until payday?

Josh Thompson 14 years ago
So there will never be a Delta? I was hoping we'd eventually make it through the whole alphabet. What could be better than using Flickr Upsilon?
photo208cam 14 years ago
Does that mean we will all have to live together in a big sky scraper ?
*phototristan 14 years ago
seems silly. why change it willy nilly like that just for the heck of it if it doesn't even mean anything?
striatic 14 years ago
why change it willy nilly like that just for the heck of it if it doesn't even mean anything?

this, of course, assumes that it doesn't mean anything.
Dodgsun 14 years ago
maybe it should say "Flickr - shoot more!" :/
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
And what's wrong with silly? Or even willies or nilly?
shaky desire [deleted] 14 years ago
Oh, just great! "Loves you" from flickr is exactly the same as "fight for freedom" from w bush. Such a shameless hypocrisy.
Oh wait I get it the rest of didn't fit conveniently : ..."r money and what's left of you as a person for lunch."

"Ooooooo... I'm flickr! I can do anything! I'll start by I using a misspelled word for name - I'm be brilliant."

Go feck self with your fecking love.
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago

In with ♥!
Out with hate!

I think someone needs a huggle.
striatic 14 years ago
corin, you've got to give him props for the tactical use of "feck"
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 14 years ago
I'd prefer a tactical fuck.

Followed by hugglz.
-RobW- 14 years ago
I'm confused, have Stewart, Heather and the team invaded a Middle Eastern country? Is Flickrstan finally a reality? Will there be daiquiris?
striatic 14 years ago
I'd prefer a tactical fuck.

i think those are prohibited under various non proliferation treaties.

is flickrstan a signatory to any of those?
craigdanielosbourne Posted 14 years ago. Edited by craigdanielosbourne (member) 14 years ago
<3 Flickr !
Esther17 14 years ago
*wraps self in flickr love blankie*
eeblet 14 years ago
Flickr lovrs forevr.
jittery purpose [deleted] 14 years ago
Flickr is fun like that. I like these inside jokes.
aleeshka 14 years ago
omg. this video is hilarious!! (flickr loves me song.)
ultrasupergenius Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ultrasupergenius (member) 13 years ago
I really cannot believe that people find this endearing, but to each their own. That logo drove me crazy. It is just creepy. The first time I saw it, maybe then it was cute or something. But it just didn't go away. I removed it with Ad Block Plus on Firefox. Flickr seems a lot less creepy to me now, that I have removed it from my version of Flickr. It seems a lot less "Yahoo doesn't want you to realize this is a big corporate site, so we are doing cute things to make you feel endeared to us".

That logo is the internet equivalent of "Flair" in Office Space.
Mullenkedheim 13 years ago
fucking cry more.
Omsel 13 years ago
Ultra you really didnt write that did u?...your kidding right?....creepy??

Its obvious u believe a big corporation must be souless and view its customers as disposable non entitys but that stigma doesn't need to always apply...its more a negative result than what really should be.

Took me awhile to even find the thing at first and can hardly see it. You should seek help for this neurosis....its not normal and "creepy"
..Alex.. 13 years ago
Why can't Americans use an adjective other than 'creepy' in this context?
Ela!ne|May Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Ela!ne|May (member) 13 years ago
will Love make me Pro? heheheh :P
Ela!ne|May 13 years ago
Thanks Flickr!!! Muaxx!
if flickr loves us so much how come it doesn't love us before we log in ??? huh???

have you looked at the logo on the login page...
it just gives a cold cold cold "Gamma"...

and if flickr loves us so much and wants our attention how come it isn't in the front page when we aren't logged in (I know sometimes some people aren't logged into flickr, weired huh)

well I think this love that flickr has for us with all its restrictions that we have to be logged it is just creepy :)
-RobW- 13 years ago
It's so creepily creepy that just creeping around the site creeps me out. Creeps.

Creep is one of those words that just looks weird if you keep writing it. Creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep creep.
Lisanne! 13 years ago
Stop being so creepy Rob. That last post really creeped me out.
Lisanne! Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Lisanne! (member) 13 years ago
harveycat, I like the word sucky even more than creepy. Even though everyone tells me that my overuse of that word is, well, sucky.
..Alex.. 13 years ago
Sucky has other connotations, so I don't mind it as much.
Mullenkedheim 13 years ago
suckysucky 5 dollah
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
blockyblocky one dolla.
Lisanne! 13 years ago
Funny how we never even thought about that usage when I was a teenager. Not that we weren't familiar with the concept. We weren't that innocent.
Pacdog 7 years ago
Seems like the perfect time to dig this thread back out of sleep.. There back at it again!
jasbond007 7 years ago
Love sucks. It always stamps on your nuts and steals all your best CD's.

And maxes your credit cards.

Love sucks.

Love it!
Origami48616 7 years ago
Brock- Wow and you were making fun of my grammar skills.
thebirdguy 7 years ago
Well, if it's a thread that can attract the presumed dead admins!

*Snark attack background noises*
Origami48616 7 years ago
So its ok for everyone else to revive threads except when I do it great I will keep note if that.
Brock 7 years ago
Well, if you aren't understanding the greater context, maybe its safer if you stay with that conclusion...
Patrick Costello 7 years ago

Can you point out a grammatical error in Brock's post? I'm a pedant when it comes to such things and that post looks fine to me. Now Pacdog's ... :-)
FlyButtafly Posted 7 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (admin) 7 years ago
Patrick Costello:

Their they're... ;)

Maybe she's referring to the extraneous apostrophe...?
mag3737 7 years ago
There's a sentence fragment, although it's one I would consider well within the bounds of acceptability in prose in the context. The only thing left is the apostrophe, but that's more of a usage/style preference, in my opinion anyway. The missing apostrophe in his next posting is another story. But that came after the complaint. Maybe Origami48616 is psychic.
Viejito 7 years ago
Maybe Origami48616 is psychic.

You left a couple of letters out of that final word...;-)
Origami48616 7 years ago
mag3737- Ok I will predict your future. After you log off off flickr something bad is going to happen. It may not be today or tomorrow but it will happen.
Origami48616 7 years ago
Patrick- Scroll up and look at the earlier comments and you will see what I'm talking about.
Patrick Costello 7 years ago

That was Brock's only post in the thread.

Or are you holding him personally responsible for everyone's grammatical expertise? And do bear in mind Flickr is a global community; many FC members post here in their second or third language.
Origami48616 7 years ago
Patrick-It wasn't his only post in this thread if you looked at the very first comments made in this thread you would know. I know all I am just saying don't criticize me when you make you same mistake.
larspen 7 years ago
Patrick- Scroll up and look at the earlier comments

you are asking way too much of that member
Brock 7 years ago
It wasn't his only post in this thread if you looked at the very first comments made in this thread you would know.

Um, yes, yes it was. It was the only comment I made in this thread until your (bizarre, agenda unknown) comment about grammar.
FlyButtafly Posted 7 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (admin) 7 years ago

His only other post is in response to you...

Edit: beaten by 45 seconds. Need coffee.
Origami48616 7 years ago
Its the one where you were talking about taking over the world but the aliens removed it.
GaryDavidson 7 years ago
Aliens, cool, let me know when the predator gets here
Brock 7 years ago
but the aliens removed it.


/backs away slowly
FlyButtafly 7 years ago

Just say no! to drugs.
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