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@chadmaag 8:21pm, 11 March 2008
For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, stop what you're doing now and go right here.

For those of you in the lab that do know what it is, do you Twitter? Those willing, post a link to your twitter feed here.

Guess I'll start
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timschraeder 13 years ago
carrie lee grant Posted 13 years ago. Edited by carrie lee grant (member) 13 years ago

I had one forever ago... but I got bored because only one person I knew used it.

Here's to second chances!
@professr 13 years ago
courtenay {Feet Lady} 13 years ago
Ryan Imel 13 years ago
Grumblings about the web and Indiana weather to be found here:
truthful things [deleted] 13 years ago
chris.baker311 13 years ago
bethgsanders 13 years ago
@solarfrog 13 years ago
Russ Hutto 13 years ago

I've already asked this question!

twitter me
@chadmaag 13 years ago
@ordinary - sorry man, I just started twittering a while back (month or so) and today the thought occurred to me to see if any of my lab compadres are on board.

As an aside, Twitter seems (at least IMHO) to be a natural step in the progression to continue to foster a sense of community in the lab. It gives us a means to connect outside of "typical" lab conversations.
amy@wacc 13 years ago
ruthanneclare 13 years ago
Sweetsop Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Sweetsop (member) 13 years ago

i usually don't follow everyone that follows me, so if I don't see your name here, I won't know who you are and probably won't follow back....
Elliott Muñoz Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Elliott Muñoz (member) 13 years ago
two-house creative 13 years ago
If I had it...I would be twittering right now:
Flies-0, Beth-2
Kevin D. Hendricks 13 years ago
[j°Sh] 13 years ago
man, not another social site..... i had only just succumb to the beast know as myspace about 2 weeks ago...
and on top of that, youtube hates me and only loads some video's, sometimes.
momreesa 13 years ago
Why do I not get Twitter? It just seems so weird to me and makes me feel old that I'm not in on the action. I guess I could start a twitter, but then I don't think anyone wants to read about my boring life.

"Helping son with homework."
"Organizing canned food drive for church."
"Told my husband he's a great guy."
"Sat on my lazy butt and watched DVRd Oprah shows and episodes of House Hunters for three hours."
"Spent four hours straight on the Internet and have nothing to show for it."

Seriously, I don't think my life is exciting enough for Twitter. Is there another appeal I'm missing other than just knowing what people do throughout their day? Do you learn another part of people that you otherwise wouldn't know, or something? Or is there something more profound I just don't understand yet?

This does seem like something that would be awesome for people to use if they were on a mission trip or something, though. I guess I'm just not getting the daily use factor.
Aurora83 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Aurora83 (member) 13 years ago

I signed up about a month ago, but never used it much since no one I know is on it... Maybe now I'll have more incentive!
@chadmaag 13 years ago
@momreesa - solarfrog said it best (ironically enough, on his Twitter feed) that Twitter has become less a "status" updater a la Facebook, and more like a global chat room.

For me I share observations from my day, new stories that I've read that interest me, get a little snarky at times, and like I said earlier, it's another way to connect with our lab members outside of the CMS Flickr lab. Kinda of like socializing with your co-workers outside of work.

Also the great thing about it is the 140 character limit. It forces us as users to be a little more thoughtful on how we say things and keeps us (or myself) from prattling on and on and on....
estherproject 13 years ago

@momreesa - I didn't get Twitter for the longest time. Personally, I find the people who use it as an IM-type service kind of annoying (because I see one side of the conversation and because they usually post A LOT).

My favorite Tweeple are the ones who manage to make random, insightful, hilarious comments about their boring lives. I've had several boring afternoons at the office interrupted by (download Twitterfox) 140 hysterical characters from people I don't know. Some of my favorites:
@chadmaag 13 years ago
Merlin Mann of 43folders is like that, his postings are pretty random, completely hysterical, and make my day. Just a warning he _does_ get a little blue on his feed.
courtenay {Feet Lady} 13 years ago
... and keeps us (or myself) from prattling on and on and on....

**drops to knees and thanks Jesus for this**

;-) (I still like you.)
courtenay {Feet Lady} 13 years ago
@momreesa... just do it. Today's big topic was leftovers for lunch.
@chadmaag 13 years ago
@court - believe me there was a lot of self deprecating humor in that one. I have such a tendency to get long winded, not as bad as SeanP though, but close.

Speaking of which, WTH is he??
courtenay {Feet Lady} 13 years ago
@chad ... at least you can spell.

(SeanP, you know I still like your typo-ridden self, wherever you are)

Honestly, I am generally impressed with your (and SeanP's) ability to express your thoughts so quickly. It would probably take me a week to come up with the same thing you prattle off in a couple minutes.
carrie lee grant 13 years ago
@momreesa I like having conversations with people throughout the day without the expense of a text messaging bill... and without actually having to disrupt my "workflow" (or also purposely disrupting it when I need a break.)

I also like seeing what websites people are surfing, what projects their working on and of course.. laughing at the great random updates.
momreesa 13 years ago
Okay -- maybe I'll try it... =) You guys have convinced me it might not be as senseless as it seems to be to me at this moment. Of course, you might all change your mind when I start posting. LOL! I'm taking my son to Disney World next week. That would probably be Twitter-worthy. Too bad Internet is $10/day there.
courtenay {Feet Lady} 13 years ago
@momreesa ... you can text your Twitters. Drink the Kool-Aid. It's delicious.
bethgsanders 13 years ago
@momreesa, I promise my life is just boring as yours if not more so. I've had a great time with it today - makes me feel connected.

I think my highlight today was when i munched down on a dog biscuit thinking it was a fig newton.

this is profound stuff.

and my 15-year-old is now jealous because I've been getting so many text messages. that makes it worthwhile if nothing else does.
@chadmaag 13 years ago
@beth - creating an account on Twitter: $0.00 -- Showing up your adolescent child with your overwhelming number of text messages: priceless.
chris.baker311 13 years ago
@chad hahaha..
bethgsanders 13 years ago
@chadmaag: yeah she is looking at me with new respect in her eyes. next thing i know she'll friend me on facebook. naaaahhhh.
humorous pocket [deleted] 13 years ago

ive been wanting some folks i know (sorta) to follow. none of my friends will join... internet losers!
@chadmaag 13 years ago
anyone else?? c'mon - join the party. You know you want to!!
humorous pocket [deleted] 13 years ago
"Twitter has become less a "status" updater a la Facebook, and more like a global chat room. "

when i followed only a handful of people, my iphone chirped every hour or so with an update from someone... now, following you guys... and how you all like to "chat"... my phone chirps many times every hour.


I ain't complain' though... to know what chadmaag is doing every other hour makes me happy inside (in a very heterosexual way, of course). Did they ever play freebird?

@chadmaag 13 years ago
lol -- unfortunately not, it was more of a joke when we were there. But I would pay good money to hear a Samba arrangement of _several_ different Lynard Skynard songs, I think we can make that happen.
MikeBoneDesign 13 years ago
ok, better late than never... and i just got an iPhone, so this should be really fun.
@chadmaag 13 years ago
Welcome aboard mike -- koolaid is served at 5, 9, and 11
everyonesAwriter 13 years ago
MikeBoneDesign 13 years ago
koolaid =
"OH, Yeah" {busts thru wall}
lavalamp775 13 years ago
what is the "i can" stuff mean?
@chadmaag 13 years ago
@lavalamp - dude, lolcats, live it, love it, learn it. No better way to waste spend a half an hour.
courtenay {Feet Lady} 13 years ago
lavalamp775 13 years ago
yea, i've seen the whole lolcat thing, which is absolutely stupid in my opinion. just wondering about the significance of "i can"
i can has tweets for ya:
crowded laugh [deleted] 13 years ago
adamagregory Posted 13 years ago. Edited by adamagregory (member) 13 years ago
Heres mine

I set the thing up over a month ago but haven't gotten started using it till recently. For those firefox users out there check out the twitterbar add-on, it makes twittering easy.

**EDIT** Twitterbar is cool, but that was before I read all of these and found Twitterfox. I retract my previous statement and now highly suggest twitterfox instead.**
DanielleSuzanne 13 years ago
here's mine. i keep forgetting to post it! sorry!
David_Hepburn 13 years ago
Sheesh...I feel late to this party. I agree with a few others. I got it, then didn't use it when no one else I knew did. Well, here's to a second go.
@jpcody Posted 13 years ago. Edited by @jpcody (admin) 13 years ago
I'm with you David, a little late. I saw this post earlier and decided I would let it alone since I was so late to the party, but hey, here goes nothing.

Twitterbar and Twitterfox are neat, but for the Mac user, not much beats Twitterific. Menu bar goodness.

And if there's any quicksilver users out there, you can rig that up to tweet via qs and get a notification of success via growl. It's real good.
carrie lee grant 13 years ago

Any new people out there need to hop on the twitter bandwagon?

Now's your chance!
silentfool 13 years ago
ok, like many others I have an account, but i just don't really get it. however, I'm willing to give it another try...maybe after adding a few people, it will become more interesting...
Graphics4Worship 13 years ago
since I am jumping into the fun world with you all lets keep in touch!!
iwearbrown 13 years ago
I may be boring, but here it is....
MOD 13 years ago
truthful things [deleted] 13 years ago
<-----Hits Follow Button----------------
ANDR35 13 years ago
what the crap am I doing?!

yes...i'm a little late.
shawncampbell 13 years ago
better late than never, right Devora_XL?
*Kim H* 13 years ago
Okay, I'm in too!
fattybombatty 13 years ago
I fought it off long enough. I give up.
ANDR35 13 years ago
haha look i started a second coming...not really.
gregofalltrades 13 years ago
I'm late. Time to try this twitter thing out.
dralexander 13 years ago
...finally giving in to twitter-mania as well:
RussellBrown 13 years ago
cataxgal 13 years ago
... a lab lurker lured out by the prospect of actually finding a use for my twitter account
ryan.sworth 13 years ago
i'm a terrible twitterer - i refuse to use the term tweet.
gsimmonssc 13 years ago
In the voice of the Joker from Batman...

"twitter me this or twitter me that"
new.perspectives 13 years ago
yeah, i gave in too...
jonathanclaytor 13 years ago
I'm new to the lab. just found it. love it.

but not quite as much as i love twitter :)
unsoundtransient 13 years ago
James Nahrgang 13 years ago
RandyintheRock 13 years ago
-Ratcliffe- 13 years ago
Reedy's 13 years ago
mh design 13 years ago
loveisthelaw 13 years ago
I feel like a lemming. Ah I miss the days when I was the early adopter.
bigticket 13 years ago
in2photo 13 years ago
heymrchandler Posted 13 years ago. Edited by heymrchandler (member) 13 years ago
I just signed up to Twiiter? Will someone be my friend?
bethgsanders 13 years ago
@heymrchandler you're going to have to give us your twitter username -

i'm - follow me & i'll follow you.
jeremynicks 13 years ago
New to this group but wanting to get connected!
estherproject 13 years ago
Okay, I'll say it: Where is SeanP? Every time this topic resurfaces I scan through to see if he's on the list 'cause I can think of few things more entertaining than P twittering.
@chadmaag 13 years ago
I've emailed him a few times and have mentioned it. something about his work blocking 99.9999% of the intarwebs.

I say we start the "Draft Sean P" movement and force him to sign up. I too can see it be very entertaining.
chris.baker311 Posted 13 years ago. Edited by chris.baker311 (member) 13 years ago
yea...he's got a iPhone doesn't he...he can use that to randomly post. Surely they haven't blocked cellphone access in his church, let alone the Edge network. I update twitter all the time from my phone.

And since its his birfday tomorrow...we could give him his very own account as a present :)
PatrickFore 13 years ago
Sean's church, Church on the Way has a massive filter on the internet. You can't even use iChat. I don't know how he's survived thus far.
gregofalltrades 13 years ago
I think I heard something about them getting Google a while back.

worshiphim24_7 13 years ago
okay, I'll bite...
@chadmaag 13 years ago
@greg - HAH! The great firewall of The Church on the Way?
jgumm Posted 13 years ago. Edited by jgumm (member) 13 years ago
Okay, I've given in...
bcterp2 13 years ago
Trying to be more involved. This is a terrific group of people!
TonjaC 13 years ago
My turn ...

I haven't been able to add you all to my follow list yet, got to get some WORK done for a while ... :)
paul_snyder 13 years ago
I'm now an official twitterphile. Do I have to register with my local authorities?

joyofparadise 13 years ago
yes, after seeing discussion for months now...i too have finally joined...
full angle [deleted] 13 years ago
me too! come find me, name is always the same :D
comfortable texture [deleted] 13 years ago
i'm still trying to figure out why?
R.Gaudreau 13 years ago
Here's mine
zackirby Posted 13 years ago. Edited by zackirby (member) 13 years ago
mlworship Posted 13 years ago. Edited by mlworship (member) 13 years ago
Get indoctrinated here Matt's Twitter
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