@jpcody 8:41pm, 29 October 2008
Hey guys, I just wanted to get a little bit of feedback that will end up helping out at Church Marketing Sucks. You helped out suggesting some church planters in the past, and no one knows the current subject better than you.

We're looking for your top copyright questions and concerns, and we're going to have some copyright experts answer them, and they will be posted on Church Marketing Sucks. At that point, we can direct people there when discussing copyright, and folks not involved in the Lab can learn a bit more about copyright.

Let's focus the most on questions you have about copyright, but if you feel there is a specific glaring issue we need to address, it will be heard. We won't be able to answer all of your questions, but we'd love to hear some of them.

So, copyright. Let it rip...
gregofalltrades 12 years ago
Is a parody the only way to use pop-culture references? Does a parody have to be funny?

At what point do you reach the point where you've made it your own?
full angle [deleted] 12 years ago
Can people from CML stop stealing my logos? kthnxbai :-P
@jpcody 12 years ago

I talked to the lawyers, the answer to your question is no.
GreenEyed_Monster 12 years ago
can you use someone elses logos and branding on a promotional piece for a church event that's going to use their product, play their game, or watch their show, or watch their team play?
samuelgualtieri 12 years ago
If your church pays CCLI for music rights to play in service, can you use the original recorded song in a media piece?

As a designer working for a church, do I own the rights to my designs or does the church? Does this change if I am incorporated and hired as a contractor?

whook_88 12 years ago
Can I post video or mp3 of our services even when we sing songs that are copywritten? If not, who do we need permission from?
MountainDewJack 12 years ago
If permission is needed, what's the best way to get it?
Jennie Rae Morgan 12 years ago
What about testimonies and audio/video clips in the middle of a sermon. Do we need written permission from all "non ministers" to post the video/audio online?

Also, what about multi-site rules about licensing on background images, stock photography, banners, and other print and digital media (displayed for 1 church at 1 time, at 2 locations)?
davidbyronhicks 12 years ago
What about original arrangements of traditional hymns? Can those be offered as downloads?
samuelgualtieri 12 years ago
Is it OK to steal Sean's designs if I'm in a really really tight spot, and he has the perfect solution on his flickr?

What if it will make me look really really cool cuz everyone will believe I'm talented?
@jpcody 12 years ago
Yes, as an organization, we support everyone stealing Sean's designs. We're actually working on a Church Marketing Sucks redesign using only actual copies of his work from his photo stream. Lawyers who have seen Sean's work also agree that everyone must copy it, and any contractual or full-time church communication worker who does not can be terminated or prosecuted for failure to provide service of the quality assumed in their contract. When you were hired, work of Sean's caliber was expected of you, and if it is not Sean's work, it is not his caliber.
MitchMade 12 years ago
Haha! Here's a question that was posed to me from our IT guy:

Is a designer personally liable for complying when the organization demands use of copyrighted material?

He stated it that in the IT world, if someone illegally installs software using one of his access codes (even when it's documented that he didn't approve) he is still personally liable and can be sued. Would that apply to designers who are required to use copyrighted works, even after battling with the pastor about it?
Can I play tracks from a music CD I just bought at Sam Goody before/after the worship service without a license (e.g., BMI)?
If I need/have a license to play a copyrighted piece of music (also bought at Sam Goody) to an audience during a worship service, can I play it while a video montage is also being shown without it being considered a "sync"?
What resources exist for securing licenses for playing of copyrighted music to small groups (<200), syncing to video, or other such uses? Do I literally have to track down the original author in his/her hideaway hut in aboriginal Australia to get his/her sign-off?
Who owns the copyright to the Bible?
Okay, I was just kidding about that last one... Really...
One final one to consider: At what point don't I need a license to play copyrighted music:

1) During a worship service with 100 people.
2) During a community carwash with 50 people.
3) On the church bus on the way to a homeless shelter with 15 people.
4) Before a Sunday School class with 5 people.
5) During a counseling session with 2 people.
6) In the shower. By myself.

The answer, of course, is probably not related to the numbers...
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