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I'm trying to remember the name of an illustrated children's book I read when I was seven or eight about two boys riding the el (I want to say they were taking it to go fishing). The main drama of the book involved one boy dropping the token for his return trip through a crack in the platform.

I think the book must have been published in the 1970s, since it felt fairly worn when I read it, but featured illustrations of clearly recognizable 2200 series cars. Also, I think the two boys were black, which wouldn't be likely for a mainstream publication until after the civil rights movement.

Does anyone remember this book or know the title?
PhillyGuy113 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by PhillyGuy113 (member) 10 years ago
I know what book you're talking about but I can't remember the name either. It was published in the very early 1970's. I know because back in 1972, I was in 2nd grade in Riverton Elementry School in Riverton, NJ, which is right across the river from Philly and I checked out that book from the library. It had a blue front cover but I seem to recall that on the cover , I could be wrong it was 40 years ago, that the train was a Budd Almond Joy car which ran on the Market Frankford El in Philly till 2000 when they were replaced with the Adtranz M4 cars. Also in the illustrations I recall when the 2 boys were on the El, it also looked just like the interior of the Almond Joys and the station they boys were at was 52nd St and the illustration look just like the 52nd St on the MFL at that time. It since has been recently remodeled. Also I think the boys were taking it to go see a ball game because I remember since one boy dropped his token through the crack of the wooden platform, the boy stayed on the platform to watch the game from there why the other boy went down to watch it since they only had one token. After the game, the one boy came back up, they had to take they El to the end of the line and ride back to get to their stop. I've been looking for that book for years but with no luck. As I said I recall a Budd Almond Joy car in the pics but then maybe they illustrations for the for books being distributed in the Philly area and maybe in Chicago using the 2200's (Also made by Budd in Philly) for books being distributed there.
Wendy Mc 2 years ago
This description rang a bell! I read that book too (in school in Oak Park in the 70s) and somehow the title just came to me. I'm pretty sure it's A RIDE ON HIGH by Candida Palmer. I found a description of it here.
CrandallChiCab 2 years ago
It seems like a good book to read.
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