the pieces are here... 9:08pm, 16 May 2010
The 5000-series test cars will begin operations on the Green Line starting Monday, May 17th.
sparkyluck 12 years ago
Can't wait to ride one!!!
Mark Vogel 12 years ago
Are they very different from the old cars?
the pieces are here... 12 years ago
On the outside, not that different from the last series, except for the ones that have the big CTA logo and blue front end caps. On the inside, there's completely different from anything the CTA has had, ever.
clkayleib Posted 10 years ago. Edited by clkayleib (member) 10 years ago
The first order of Bald Eagle 4000's had longitudinal seating. (I remember them from when I was a child), so there is a precident. Can't say as I like that arrangement.
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