ok!thanatos 8:40pm, 26 August 2008
As an extension from the main CS site to here, I figured I'd post here for anyone who hasn't heard yet.

The Rules

For anyone who doesn't want to post on C-S we will be taking entries posted in this thread (Along with pictures of the old MOC) as well. You have 'till October 31st so if you're interested, get building!
gambort Posted 13 years ago. Edited by gambort (member) 13 years ago
While I'm taking it as given you never seem to state that it should be a space MOC. Am I correct?

NB. I've already reduxed many of my earlier town and train designs but not my space ones so the question is relevant to me.
ok!thanatos 13 years ago
Correct, Tim; Space/Mecha/Steampunk/Sci-fi mocs in general.
ok!thanatos Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ok!thanatos (member) 13 years ago
Hey guys,
The contest deadline has been extended to November 30th.
Get moving!
gIadius 13 years ago
Yeeeeees I am still paying attention despite my mute...-ness.
fe2cruz 13 years ago
L800 vs L83

posted from: classic space fe2cruz entry

L800 vs L83 entire set
bionicbadboi 13 years ago
"The main CS-site"?
delucks 13 years ago
Groups Beta