guerilla_monk 4:27pm, 5 February 2012
Hey guys!

Does anybody recognize this character? Not sure if it's a DC or Marvel character, and it's driving me crazy, so I thought I'd ask the experts.


HR_13_Outside EM_12
Jasper Frost 10 years ago
It's Gambit from the x-men figures.
he's missing the trench coat that he wears.
guerilla_monk 10 years ago
Thanks Jasper! I thought so, at first, but the color shift in his hair to purple threw me off. I kept Googling characters with purple hair and going further and further down the rabbit hole, but you're right, it's the Toy Biz edition of Gambit from 1992.
MyArtFolio 9 years ago
do you collect action figures i have a collectors group becuase i find reall y anything fascinating
Jasper Frost 9 years ago
I collected only 12" action figures and dolls myself
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