Group Purpose

MrBlank (Josh Nichols) 4:06pm, 1 July 2005
The purpose of the Comix group is to show and discuss independent comic art. The idea is to collect work that fit these genres: "underground comix," "alternative comics," "post-underground," "independent,", "small press," "new wave," or "art comics."

If you are doing super-hero or manga work, there are plenty of other groups that you can join that would fit you better. Although, if you are doing something that is unusual or genre-mixing, I'd love to see it here. :)

Please only post finished art. If you have sketches, please join my other group Sketchbook.
Sounds groovy! This truely is an 'underground' group - flickr needs more of these, I think. is the website of Underground Comix wiz Hunt Emereson - the guy who inspired me with his mal-attended library talk on the subject to become the comics-related Jampot you see before you today. Check it oot.
MrBlank (Josh Nichols) 16 years ago
I removed some images, not because I didn't like them, but because they didn't fit in this group. I want to have sequential art or one panel comics that have a punch line or a message. Individual comic art pieces don't really fit into what I'm trying to do.
drsno 16 years ago
Since I only have scribblings on a Post-It which is kinda sequential but far from a panel comic I am clueless whether it fits in here or not ...
Low Attention Span Man 14 years ago
My comics are about super heroes and villains, but it is mostly a parody as they are all incompetent. Some of them also have at least one social message in them. Like censorship, anger, and the awesomeness of muffins. The key themes in the entire series are friendship, individuality, the difference between good and evil, the nuance between good and evil, and the need to stop what you're doing and be silly.

This is just to clarify as i got frightened when you said "If you are doing super-hero or manga work, there are plenty of other groups"

But i'm definitely as small a press as you can get!
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