Nowhere Girl

MrBlank (Josh Nichols) 8:36am, 9 July 2005
I came across one of the best online comics I've ever seen: Justine Shaw's Nowhere Girl. Follow Jamie Adler as she begins to discover herself and find a place in the world. Excellent writing and brilliant coloring. On the site, there's about 80 pages of content and a Q&A section explaining how she creates her art. This is a great find.

I had trouble viewing the comic with Safari on my Mac. Firefox worked fine instead.
Kryptonbornson 16 years ago
I never had problems in Safari. I wonder what's the difference?

I actually found out this comic a few months from Sketch Magazine, but hadn't really dug into it yet. It looked cool.
MrBlank (Josh Nichols) 16 years ago
I'm using Safari 2.0 in OS 10.4. I get the home page, but when I click on the link to the comic, I get a blank window with a little arrow at the bottom of the page.
Kryptonbornson 16 years ago
You know what. Before I upgraded to Tiger I didn't have that problem. It worked fine. I do get that now.
adaptable nut [deleted] 16 years ago
Hit refresh in Safari and the page will come up.

Of course, you'd have to do that for every page, so that isn't very practical. :)

The pages get loaded in the browser via javascript...
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