The Vision Beautiful 3:03am, 16 May 2007
I came up with an idea for a comic book called "The Misadventures of Palooka". In a city full of superheroes, an average Joe tries to make it as a superhero.

In the first scene he makes his "awesome" costume, with consists of red converse, blue jean shorts, a "utility belt" a T-shirt with a shotty S emblem poorly sewn on, goggles, and a purple cape made from his bedsheets.
He goes to the SuperHero Registration Department to register himself as Syndic (which means "one standing up for many"), but it's taken, so is everything on his very long list of names. He ends up having to choose from a short list of names icluding names NO ONE would want, so he ends up choosing Palooka (which means "lummox").
On his first night out crime fighting, he gets the poop beaten out of him. That's when he decides to audition for a sidekick. The only person to show up is a short, stubby teenager with the super ability to shoot snot. His name is Stymie, and Palooka decides to hire him.
This is basically my idea.

I think it has a lot of potential to be hilarious, and quite a nice drama at the same time.
I have some drawing skill, but only really in faces, and inking.
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