xadrian 6:55pm, 15 June 2007
Greetings all. I've moved into sort of a production manager position for a collaborative web comic called Awesome Storm Justice 41. I've done some work on it when it started doing pencils, inks, colors, letters, covers, you name it.

Since the model of the book encourages group run content, we fall prey to slumps in talent and will more often then not have several people doing multiple jobs on more than one book.

Each episode is 6 pages and the creative team is never the same. It gives every a chance to try out different styles and responsibilities, but it also tends to shorten our pool of available creators. That's where you come in.

I realize a lot of us have our own thing going, but if you've got any free time and you'd like to take a crack at doing a goofy hero type book, please stop by.

Thank you.
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