hornyegg 1:59am, 29 July 2008
My strips are set to 'moderate' because they contain a bit of bad language, some violence etc....
However, I seem to be in the midst of a puritanical tidalwave as, consequently, I can no longer post my work in groups such as 'Underground Comics', or 'Adult Cartoons' etc...

Ah well, far be it from me to tell anyone how to admin their group. So, Im just using this opportunity to say if there is anyone else who consciously moderates the viewing of their work but doesn't wish to be burned at the stake by the Righteous Art Inquisition- Please join me at Badass Comix!! Not the best moniker perhaps, but I just worried about the kind of content names like 'Extreme Comix' might bring!!

Anyway, come and have a gander at our somewhat humble, enbryonic gallery and if you wanna join- please do:

As long as the work doesn't contravene basic laws according to Flickr and the Geneva Convention- we'd be happy to have you!!
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