holidoomsday 3:08pm, 22 August 2008
I'm looking for an artist/co-creator for a project. Here's the details.

I've written a 6-issue, 32 page per issue story and I am looking for a artist/co-creator for this. I've seen that Submissions for books are extremely hard for just an writer or just an artist. Rather then go that route, I'm looking for someone to commit to this as an artist/co-creator. I know that I have created the story, and while I do have a look for the characters in mind, I am NOT an artist! I am willing to not only give half credit to an artist, but also willing to sign a legal document splitting 50/50 of the rights to this.

Please either get back via my myspace page( or my e-mail

Thank you and please pass this on to anyone who you think my be interested!
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