solstar177040 12:32pm, 1 March 2010
Who's been commuting by bicycle, for how long (many years) and how far in miles? and just as a kikker why? such as work, visiting friends or family, lunch, whatever!
saumacus 12 years ago
I've only learned to ride less than 2 years ago, and started to commute to and from work last May. About 7 miles one way.
nchenga 11 years ago
about 20 mins commute to work by bike one way
rorowe8 11 years ago
Going on my 2nd year of commuting after not having ridden a bike in probably 8-10 years. My commute was 7 miles roundtrip to work, then the occasional errand and rides to friends' houses that were anywhere from 4-10 miles.
abiding clover [deleted] 11 years ago
I've been commuting on and off for 2 years. My current commute is 20 miles one way, I don't actually ride it as much as I'd like... When I do I ride the train home. I like to ride because traffic is stressful if I drive, I'd rather relax on the bike for an hour and a half.
KennethMoyle 11 years ago
I've been commuting by bike four about 10 years - only 2 km, though I do it four times a day.

Last year was my first attempt at foul-weather commuting - mixed results. Rain and cold: fine; rutted snow: horizontal disaster.
simondbarnes 11 years ago
Been cycle commuting on and off for about the last 14 years. Currently have a ~90km round trip (depending on route) which I do somewhere between zero and 4 times a week. It's a bit far really. 50-60km round trip would be perfect and probably doable daily.
meinemamamosht. 10 years ago
probably about 10 years now, every day at least 10km (school and back, train and back) right now i am a trainee at a tv station, and i have a commute for the last 2 weeks of 50km a day. 2 hours of riding right next to a highway, first day it was -15C°, wasnt so much fun :D
dumbledad 10 years ago
Not far at all, 4 miles, and takes about 20 minutes. But we're moving office soon then it'll be 6.5 miles. More fun :-)
rapid fly [deleted] 9 years ago
I've been commuting by bike for 25 years in Los Angeles. My ride now is about 6 miles, and about 35 minutes.
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