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contemplative imaging ADMIN February 24, 2008
A NEW SISTER GROUP IS NOW ACTIVE: LIGHTRAIL WORLDWIDE: Show and discuss pictures of new and modern lightrail systems worldwide, especially lightrail vehicles and urban scenes that show how modern lightrail serves downtown areas. This new group is ONLY about the modern lightrail systems that have emerged in the past few decades worldwide, especially in the United States, France, Spain, the UK and other European countries.

Group Description

The focus of this group is very simple: commuter trains.

What's a commuter train? It is a "passenger" train who's primary purpose is to bring workers and students into the Big City in the morning, then transport them safely home in the evening.

The variety of commuter trains is quite remarkable: trollies, trams, cable cars (San Franscisco), mainline commuter service, DMU's, interurbans, subways, elevated trains and so on. And there are still a few places on earth where these trains are hauled by steam engines.

If you have a picture of a commuter train, this is the place to post it.

If you'd like to join this group, make sure to read the rules.

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Group Rules

The purpose of this group is to be a repository for pictures and information about commuter trains worldwide.

A commuter train is a train who's primary purpose is to bring workers and students into a big city in the morning, and then bring them home again at night. In some places this might be known as suburban train service.

However, this group is NOT limited to just those trains that share tracks with freights and intercity passenger service, but ANY train of ANY type that hauls commuters, including (but not limited to) trolleys, trams, subways, elevated, monorails, cable cars, DMU's, and so on.


COMMUTER TRAINS: Any commuter train of any type from anywhere on planet earth. Detail shots of trains, and roster shots are most welcome. Pictures of signs, stations, track work, general infrastructure and maintenance equipment are also welcome, as well as interior shots, and even pictures of commuters themselves.

TYPES ALLOWED: Regular "mainline" commuter trains, DMU's, subways, monorails, trams, cable cars, elevated trains and similar equipment.

MODEL TRAINS: Pictures of scale models of commuters trains are most welcome, in any scale from "Z" to 1/8 and 1/4 scale outdoor trains.

HISTORICAL: Pictures of a historical nature are most welcome. If the picture comes from a photographer other than yourself, please note who the original photographer was if known, and the source of the picture.

MUSEUMS: Pictures of commuter trains, equipment, trolleys, and so on now residing at a museum or tourist railway are very welcome.

STEAM LOCOMOTIVES: Pictures of steam locomotive purpose-built for commuter/suburban service are welcome, whether in a historic photo or from a museum. Locomotives that were "demoted" into commuter service, like Southern Pacific's famous GS type Notherns, will only be allowed if pictured hauling commuter stock.

PUBLIC DOMAIN / NEWS SERVICE: There are photos that are in the pubic domain, or may have come from a news service that might be a benefit to the group members to see. In that case just make sure to notate the source of the photo. If it came from a new service, please provide a link back to the article or source of the photo.


FREIGHT TRAINS: No freight trains of any kind, unless a commuter train appears in the picture along with it.

INTER-CITY PASSENGER TRAINS: No inter-city passenger trains, unless a commuter train is in the picture with it.

DIESEL AND STEAM LOCOMOTIVES that were not used in commuter train service.

PICTURES TAKEN BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF: Please do not post pictures not taken by yourself. The exception is if you have purchased photos from another photographer, and now own the rights or a license to the photograph. Please do not post pictures that came from other Flickr members or Internet sites beyond Flickr. To keep it simple: if you do not own the rights to the photo, don't post it. (With exceptions noted above.)

EVERYTHING ELSE: Basically, if the photo does not relate to commuter trains in some way, please don't post it.


The groups will strive to be as inclusive as possible. If you are not sure if the photo would a proper edition to the group, please contact one of the administrators or moderators for assistance.

Thank you!

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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