FHKE 9:29pm, 11 February 2007
Tbky 15 years ago
My MacBook cracked again !!! Just 2 weeks after I bring it to the Apple Store to repair it...

MacBook fissuré, bis !
FHKE 15 years ago
I guess we may try to write letters / emails to to Apple... ;(
Daniel Joel 15 years ago
Will Apple Warranty Cover This? (happened to my Black MacBook) Im a bit upset this being my first mac. I love the switch and everything about it, but this kind of ticks me off if they would refuse to fix it.
meddle55s 14 years ago
Mine cracked a few days ago:
Bad Macbook, BAD!

It's a camera phone picture so it's bad quality but it looks exactly like a lot of pictures in here.

I didn't drop it. There are no other scratches. I've been treating it with a lot of care. I even only use it on a desk.

The way it happened is, I was working on it and when I lifted my arm, a piece was stuck to it and then it snapped back down. One side it still attached to the case.
worthbak 14 years ago
mine cracked terribly, along all three sides of my macbook, pretty uniformly. granted, i did carry it around in my backpack alot, and it got banged around, but i brought into an apple story and they replaced it. now the corner is beginning to crack (very jagged like, not like some of the above pics) and im not sure if apple will fix it! dad gummit..
miraj a 14 years ago
mine cracked on both sides (in line with the screen rest thing) in september --> october 2006, it also had the random shutdown problem. I took it back to the apple store, got annother blackbook. This one has a line where the screen rest toutches the palm rest.

If this is happening to loads of people it HAS to be a fault in the design.
Josh•Yo 14 years ago
mine is now cracked about a third of the way all around it now and still cracking. I have yet to get it fixed because i am in need of my computer and cant afford to send it in for the 4-6 weeks it might take to have it fixed and i have yet to find a store in my town that could fix it.
MichaelCromarty 14 years ago
My Macbook Crack.

This is my crack it happened yesterday.

i dont were a watch so i see no other reason why it would crack like this.

Michael Cromarty.
Kenoir 14 years ago
I've got a couple of cracks very similar to those here, I thought it wasn't widespread.

jai_sen 14 years ago
Same thing happened to my white MacBook, happened about two months ago, same thing that Meddle55s described: one day I was working on it, lifted up my hand from the keyboard, and there was a piece loose from the top case. After about a week of trying to ignore it, it snapped off.

Is it worth taking it to the Apple store? I got this back in December, so I'm way outside the warranty period.
omolody Posted 14 years ago. Edited by omolody (member) 14 years ago
my girlfriend get the same problem with her macbook bought in september 2006 in germany -2 weeks s cover free of charge by the warranty. let see what will happen to mine which i bought in us in october 2006-
seemed to be a good idea to make the extension of warranty for an other 2 years...gravis said you can still do it while your laptop is under the first year of warranty.
m,appeal 14 years ago
2 months ago I decided to go change my macbook because of this exact problem (two cracks at where the magnets hit.. I believe the magnetic punch is the extra strain it needs to time after time crack the plastic).
the apple store changed the keyboard without any question. Now the whole things feels new.

It does look like the EXACT same case though so now I put a piece of cloth on the keyboard when I close the lid.
LaurieCrist 14 years ago
I got mine around August '06. May '07 I walked into an Apple Store and in less than an hour had the case switched out for a new one. Not even the slightest question asked.
OWLS OWLS OWLS Posted 14 years ago. Edited by OWLS OWLS OWLS (member) 14 years ago
I have experienced exactly the same. Bought mine september 2006.
Going to the Apple Store 'Humac' tomorrow. Hopefully they will fix it right away.

In addition the backlight have started to flickeryoutube:
MacBook backlight flicker
. Whats next?
dogsthatchasecars 14 years ago
Mine cracked April 29th, just on the right hand side. The Apple Centre in London said that Apple wouldn't fix it. I've had a G3 Powerbook and a G3 iBook in the past 8 years. The casing on both of them is fine.
OWLS OWLS OWLS Posted 14 years ago. Edited by OWLS OWLS OWLS (member) 14 years ago
dogsthatchasecars: that seems odd. You should try inquiring their technical service desk one more time

My topcase was replaced in less than three days. No questions asked.

The new topcase seems to be less receptive to stains and grease than the original
macdougall 14 years ago
Got my white Macbook around Oct 15th 2006. I have the same crack as in most of these pics right above the IR input. Called Apple Support after explaining the problem this is being repaired no charge. I had the option to either send it in or take it to a local store.

mandel_macaque 14 years ago
Mine cracked too, I just took it to the Apple Store and I'm going to get it replaced... they didn't ask me any question... The weirdest thing is that they told me thay would take longer 'casue I have a spanish keyboard, I told them I didn't care if they replace it with a uk one, but they said they had to use a spanish one... Strange.
Christiaan Rijnhart 14 years ago
i'm not happy to join this group!! lol but few days ago i noticed a small crack...and its growing really quickly

iambigred 14 years ago
I've just had the exact same problem occur, on the right hand side just under where the upper lid thing lines up with it.

Also, as someone above mentioned, my MacBook screen has been flickering since I bought it nearly a year ago. I feel a call to Apple coming on.
iambigred 14 years ago
Update: I've just moved to another part of the UK, near to an Apple Store, so I booked a genius bar appointment and they took it in for repair on a Saturday. 2 days later (Monday morning) I had a phone call to say that it was fixed and when could I come in to pick it up.

Fantastic service from Apple. There were no questions asked about the case cracking and the 'genius' I spoke to seemed to be aware of the problem. They replaced my display too, which has solved the flickering problem.
SlowLoris 14 years ago
My macbook i bought this past december also has cracked, and now i am waiting for the opposite side to crack as well. I believe it has to do with the little "spacers" at the top of the screen hitting the edge of the base when closing. If i look closely at the side that hasn't cracked yet i can see a shiny area where it hits, same distance from the edge as my other crack. Now i do not slam or push my computer closed hard, and i think it is rediculous that when properly using the computer, this issue occurs. Why are these little spacers hard plastic? if i remember right, my ibooks spacers were a rubber type material that didn't supply the same amount of pressure as these on the macbook do. If i send it into be fixed, it will just happen again, won't it? They're not replacing the spacers, are they? Even though i love Mac, i think the macbook design has been thier worst. The edges on the bottom around the typepad are also too sharp on both my wrists. You can say i type wrong, and that's fine, but give me a break, they know people are typing on this thing while traveling and putting into backpacks and briefcases and these issues do not support this kind of use at all.

I put an electrical type tape where my crack (hole) is, and also taped the other side as well since i know it is only time..
rachelkswanson 14 years ago
I had this same crack and the screen flicker problem that others are having and both were fixed for no cost under Apple Care.
VicStevens 14 years ago
Cracking appeared on my MacBook in the 3rd month I had it. It's quite noticeable on both sides of the keyboard, and if you look closely, you can see it's started in the lower right corner. Also on both sides along the top of the base are tiny, repeated cracks, like the teeth of a comb at a 135 degree angle, also on both sides, and in areas where there is no stress, like over the ports. Hope this is a warranty fix.
gothick_matt 14 years ago
I had exactly this issue on my MacBook (the Core 2 model from January this year.) I don't have any photos of it, though, because I didn't think to take one before taking my MacBook in to the local Apple centre (Bristol, UK).

The good news is that they're counting it as a warranty repair, and I should get my MacBook back, good as new, in a few days. Hope that gives some hope to anyone with this problem...
Bonnie-K 14 years ago
Mine was cracking, but I didn't want to go without my macbook for a week so I waited till my warranty was almost up to bring it in. There's no apple store near me, but there is a place that can repair them. They've ordered the part and I don't need to hand over my computer until they have it to fix. It's taking a very long time to order, but my computer still works so I'm okay. I bought the extended warranty, but I was planning on doing that anyways, especially if they would fix the case.
becca6286 14 years ago
wow- this happened to be about an hr ago!
looked down at my corner and there it is.. a crack all along the right corner with the casing hanging off.
i'll post a pic soon.
really tempted just to superglue it...
gothick_matt 14 years ago
There's a reasonable theory that the problem stems from below-par plastic, which is why Apple are replacing the entire top layer of MacBooks when they're taken in with the problem. So I'd take it back, if I were you, as superglueing it may (a) not stop the other side wearing down soon, and (b) void your warranty...
becca6286 14 years ago
oh yeah good idea!
i think i'll wait a little after xmas tho...
James C Sheng Posted 14 years ago. Edited by James C Sheng (member) 14 years ago
I bought my Macbook from ebay with 5 months still on the orginal warranty. The seller failed to mention it had cracks. If it wasnt for the warranty I would have wanted my money back. 1st trip to AppleCare they replaced the top case (keyboard, touchpad and arm rest area), they also replaced the hard drive(didn't expect that) but they overlooked the small cracks at bottom of the laptop. I sent it back right away and they replaced it. All is good now : )
Zanne30 14 years ago
A couple of months after my warranty expired, my hard drive crashed. I was unlucky enough to have a seagate hard drive. I lost all of my data and even though this has been a reported issue, Apple will admit no fault. My case started turning black after a few months of use, but that never bothered me too much.. but now I have this crack forming on my case. I'm so pissed off about this because of the money I paid for this thing. Is it so wrong to expect a product like this to be free of defects for at least 2 years?
Question: Does anyone know what Apple does when you are no longer covered by warranty? It seems to me that these are crucial design flaws and they should cover this with or without a warranty.
jytian Posted 14 years ago. Edited by jytian (member) 14 years ago
I just had a new topcase put in at the Apple Store (Chicago) for free under warranty. (It took them about an hour.) I asked the Genius what they would do if this happened a second time after my warranty expired, since it seems like only a matter of time. He basically said "nothing" and recommended I buy something to protect the area:

I doubt this will permanently solve the problem, but hopefully it'll delay the plastic from cracking for another year or two.
changeable horses [deleted] 14 years ago
This has happened to my 2 month old MB too, i'm taking it to the Southampton Apple Store tomorrow morning. I hope I don't get any grief from them.
I can't afford for it to be sent off to be fixed either as I need it for work..
changeable horses [deleted] 14 years ago
Apple store swapped it over, no questions.
They also changed my screen for some reason....
*tanja* Posted 14 years ago. Edited by *tanja* (member) 14 years ago
Does anybody know what the situation is if it is out of warranty? I got mine in October 2006 so well over a year old now.
The Finedon Secret Posted 14 years ago. Edited by The Finedon Secret (member) 14 years ago
I got mine the same time as tanja and apple just plain refused to fix mine as it was out of warrentee, i'm in the UK i took it to the birmingham (bull ring) apple store. Had to kick up a huge fuss to see anyone about it, and then they told me i'd have to take it to the london store where they could consult me about repairing it.

I got the whole 'were amazed it cracked' and 'this is the first time we've ever seen this happen' from the jerks in the bull ring apple store.

I didnt take it to the london store, last time it went for repair (screen got a massive patch of dead pixels) apple had it for 10 weeks! In the end i bought a new keyboard for powerbook medics website it was about £80.

Apple also refused to replace my power cable last summer which had split where it joins the maglock bit. That was expensive to replace too. and the new ones splitting now and it not even been a year.

Rant over
*tanja* Posted 14 years ago. Edited by *tanja* (member) 14 years ago
Thanks for letting me know this. Same thing happened my cable, thank God was in warranty at the time. Pretty expensive to replace parts alright. Can see another crack close to the one already there and it's spreading :(
swimmerchick2 14 years ago
I just noticed my was cracked last night so today I googled it and found this group- so I called Apple and had the guy look at this site. Mine is out of warranty by 2 months but they are sending me a over night box and will repair it for free. He told me they are aware of the problem so I am guessing they might do something for others out of warranty.
*tanja* 14 years ago
Oh wow, really? There might be hope for some of us so,.
maradatscha Posted 14 years ago. Edited by maradatscha (member) 14 years ago
i just wrote an email to

I'm writing to you, because I have a crack in the top case of my MacBook. It is not the first one, I had the same Issue about a year ago. My MacBook was covered under the One-Year warranty that time, now I am half a year out of that warranty.
I am not the only one having this issue, there are several complaints running through the web. Maybe the best illustration is the flickr group:
This is not a single problem for a few of your customers, but an issue happening to many MacBooks.
In Denmark Apple lost a lawsuit about a design defect in your iBook G4. There they had problems with turning on and off their iBooks, in our case it is a problem of closing the MacBook.
I fear this is an example of not thoroughly testing the hardness of the case. I bought my MacBook exactly because I had the reports of several friends, that Mac Laptops are more durable and better designed than laptops produced by other companies.
I don't want to have my top case exchanged again only to wait for the next cracks to appear. Is there any progress made in solving this issue? In short term it might be a solution to exchange top cases. In long term Apple looses its main advantage over the PC world. And that is the trust of every customer that Apple builds products that simply work without any issues.

looking forward to your early reply
yours sincerely
hatter10_6 14 years ago
I have the same crack at the same spot as everyone else! On the right hand rest, an one inch crack. The left hand rest looks like it's about to crack too.
lbcoffee1 14 years ago
I have long cracks along the bottom casing exactly like Christiaan's. I will post a pic as soon as I figure out how to do it. (New Flickr user)
I also have cracks on both sides of the top skin where all the other pics show the cracks. (four of us in our household use the laptop)
Took it to an Apple repair (under warranty) They had a top skin and were going to replace it on the spot but did not have the bottom case. She said she had not seen that before and did not know if Apple recognized it as a flaw. so I am waiting to hear back. It's great I found this site and that others have had the same issue fixed.
I will report back on the results.
guacamolly 14 years ago
I have a late 2006 white MacBook. The right wrist-rest cracked and and splintered off completely first, but I managed to keep the left side from completely coming off with some duct tape which unfortunately melted from all the heat from my processor. It left a lot of gross gooey stuff all over my machine, but a little isopropyl alcohol did the trick.

AppleCare covers this defect. I can vouch for that from personal experience. They replace the whole "top case" which includes the touchpad and the keyboard. Out of warrantee, the repair totals to about $250 or so (I forget the exact cost) which includes an $85 labor fee. The repair takes 20 minutes.

However, after reading various posts on message boards on what's becoming the Flaw of the MacBook, some smooth maneuvering could save you the $250 if you're not covered by AppleCare ... not to worry! Good luck!
dayvough Posted 14 years ago. Edited by dayvough (member) 14 years ago
i've had this problem too.
and, also a friend of mine.

the thing is, we both got it when we were out of warranty.
but then, isn't this Apple's fault?
i'm thinking about presenting this to an Apple Store.
dunno what to expect though.

edit: oh and, i've already replaced my keyboard because it went on and off sometime under the warranty. so this IS the new type of material that they are talking about.
rockstro 13 years ago
Mine cracked in the usual place, on the right, and I just thought I'd caught it on something and snapped a bit off. Then my son's did exactly the same. His is still under warranty; mine I bought in December 2006, has travelled a lot and had a tough life (albeit protected in a neoprene jacket) so I assumed it was me, until I read these threads and dug around a bit more on the web.

Talk about rubbish components -- I also have an IBM Thinkpad (pre Lenovo) dating back to 2003 which has had very heavy use and even had to be checked into hold baggage on flights in the past 18 months because of hand luggage restrictions. It's had hell bashed out of it, yet still works and apart from a slightly worn spacebar and a battery replacement, it is fine. I can't see my Macbook surviving similar conditions.

I don't care which platform I use, and have a mixed network, but I'm incredibly disappointed that the Macbook's case has started to deteriorate so soon. I can see problems about to happen elsewhere on the case, too, now I look closely. If it's going to take time to repair, I might as well just replace it . . . I didn't buy this to be without it for ages; I need a laptop for work.
sketchyanh 13 years ago
oh no the crack just appeared on my white macbook on the right hand side between the track pad and the infared sensor. the computer is 13months old so out of warranty. how much does it cost to fix? how long does it take? is it worth worrying about?
Lady Vélo Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Lady Vélo (member) 13 years ago
My MacBook cracked last week. Took in into the Mac shop on Regent Street this Saturday @ 10am after getting an appointment... the "Mac Genius" asked me what the problem was - I told her that a crack had just appeared... without even opening it the 1st thing she said was "Palm rest issue, right?" - which was a bit alarming, but confirmed that they are more than aware of this problem...

I was told that it was a faulty batch and a known problem since they changed the top casing plastic (the previous plastic used was prone to discolouration) - now this one is prone to cracking. The top casing is going to be replaced, along with some internal issues (I also have a flickering screen problem!) - and I should have it back within 5-7 days... just awaiting the call to tell me to come pick it up. It's only 8 months old, so was still within Warranty, so all being fixed under that.
germany_deutschebank Posted 13 years ago. Edited by germany_deutschebank (member) 12 years ago
GREAT POST FHKE, wonderful job guys
Canon T1i
Martin Gordon 13 years ago
I took my sister's in-warranty Mid-2007 MacBook and my out-of-warranty (by almost a year) Rev. A MacBook into the Apple Store today and they replaced both top cases for free. Her's was completely cracked in the usual spot and mine had a split wasn't separated at all.

I expected them to fix my sister's MacBook no questions asked but wasn't sure about mine. They said it was a known issue and that they would replace it for free. The replacements were done in-store and were ready within 2 hours. The entire top case, including keyboard and trackpad were replaced.
Mitch.Campbell Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Mitch.Campbell (member) 13 years ago
Brought it to a certified repair center and got it fixed for free, which was awesome. It took a while to order the parts (like a week) but i's rather do the time than pay $300.

Also, before I took it in to get fixed it got a little thirsty and decided to drink some juice, so it stopped working. They cleaned it for free while they were waiting for the new keyboard to come in. About a month later it kept kernal panicing. Luckily it finally gave up the ghost an hour after I had submitted my last university paper, so I was just happy that it died at a convenient time. I brought it back in, they ordered a new RAM chip, and it was back in black in no time. All in all, $500 in parts plus labor completely free. I'm really impressed with Apple's service.
itselea 13 years ago
I took -my- out of warranty MacBook into the Apple Store today and they recognized that it's a common problem, but said that it would cost $135 to fix. They recommended that I ask around elsewhere to see if I could get it for cheaper...
allisonnj 13 years ago
I bought my Macbook in Dec 06 and it's now cracking like everyone elses.
No Applecare.
Do I write letters and complain? Insist on seeing a manager at my closest Applestore, where they said it would cost $250 to fix?

or just use tape since it seems like it could keep cracking even after getting it fixed?
paperbot 13 years ago
I just took my laptop to fix for the same problem. Guy told me I needed to pay $236 because my warranty is expired. and he gave me other numbers to call and check for another quote on fixing it. this is F***** UP
rockstro 13 years ago
I had to replace my cracked case -- and pay for it -- because it had an accident with a full glass of orange juice (the rest of the Macbook survived and I was prepared to live with insulation tape over the cracks until the sticky incident happened).

$236? The entire top case and keyboard cost around 70 UKP, and it took ten minutes to swap out and check … go figure

rgokul 12 years ago
I have posted pics, mine has cracked four times. Apple service engineers in India are reluctant to look at anything else and informed that they would not replace one more time.
tortuga_sevi1 12 years ago
Forged Wheels says:

wow, very interesting and useful info
thanks you all
manhui2010 11 years ago
could this be repaired?
Juan.Guapo 11 years ago
My wife's was finally replaced because of all the repairs.
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