Jeroen_Panjer 11:49pm, 9 September 2008
Hi, I found out the cracks on the front panel are repaired under warranty, but how about the little thin cracks on the backside below the speakers?
Never noticed it untill I saw this picture in this group:
James C Sheng 13 years ago
Hi j3ro3n, I was the one that posted the pic above. The crack there was fixed under the warranty. When u send yours in, make sure you point out where it is. The first time I sent mine in, they fixed the front and never fixed the back. I had to send it in again.
MissWhitneyK 13 years ago
Oh! I should have done that. Same problem. I sent mine in for a crack and broken piece of plastic... only to realize there were cracks on the back side (like picture above) and now there are more on front ("under" the palm rest so to speak... near the groove to open the laptop).

I don't want to send it in...again... but I might. Personally, I wish they would just... give me a new one. They're so pretty!
coherent nut [deleted] 12 years ago
Mines 3 years old and pretty scratched up on the underside, but never seen any cracking like that yet.
Juan.Guapo 11 years ago
My wife's white macbook has cracked in the same place you describe. The last time we brought it in to the retail store they denied us the repair b/c it was considered "cosmetic."

Cracking near hinge 1 by Juan.Guapo

I called customer service, they sent us a box, and it's now on its way back to Apple for the third time.

Our last Mac, for sure.
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