*seraphimia 3:43am, 28 October 2009
I am now on my third MacBook and this one is just bad as the previous ones.

Apple Ireland have a stinking attitude over this and were being shifty about even considering repairing it let alone replacing or refunding, which under EU law and the 24 month warranty ALL new products in the UK guarantee I am fully entitled to.

Many hours of phone calls and emails later the matter is still not resolved.

I have now demanded a full refund and will not accept anything else now. Watch this space!
*seraphimia Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *seraphimia (member) 12 years ago
A quick update. As time ticked on and still nothing from the Ireland HQ I decided to contact Apple US. Not surprisingly things began to move forward quite quickly after that.

They would not grant me a refund, but they did however replace and upgrade my MacBook with a MacBook Pro high end version of the two 13" pro books.

I am still in contact with the European Consumer Centre, who have now followed up on my last email to say that yes, they believe I have a case for refund which now is no longer needed, but does indeed prove that companies are flouting EU consumer law and our right to a 24 month warranty, which includes, repair, replace or refund.
Tea, two sugars Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Tea, two sugars (member) 12 years ago
Had the palm rest plate replaced a few months ago and then the plastic around the screen had cracked. I waited a few months because I saw the palm rest plate buckling because I believe it wasn’t repaired properly. Will call them tomorrow and hopefully get both repaired. First repair was 13 months into ownership and now i've had it for around 19 months. Fortunately i have apple care because it looks like I’m going to go through this every few months.
*seraphimia Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *seraphimia (member) 12 years ago
The trouble with this version of the MacBook is that even with repair after repair it will still crack, because the fault lies with the actual design. This is why I fought for the MacBook Pro replacement knowing it was aluminium and the new unibody designed casing.

The irony is that the iBook G4 which also as a ploycarbonate casing doesn't suffer the same problems, but it's design is along the lines of the unibody. My brother has a four year old plus iBook, looks as good as new.

I think the biggest travesty was in Apples handling (or lack thereof) of this design flaw because they refused to even recognise it for years and didn't defuse the bad PR that came out of it at a time they are trying to impact the PC market. I also lost a lot of respect for Apple over this.
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