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got etsy?

jessprkle 3:38am, 2 February 2007
share it here!

anyone else?
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Urbanknit 10 years ago
Wow, this is still going, impressive!
NestingMagpie 10 years ago
I sell crocheted wall letters as well as some other crocheted items. But I really want to start focusing on my letters more :)
light kettle [deleted] 10 years ago
CRystal CRush 9 years ago
Purple-su 9 years ago
Here's my Etsy Shop. I do crochet, a little knitting, a little sewing.. :D

Basically, anything that comes to mind and that I think it's worth creating.. :D
daffy creator [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by daffy creator (member) 9 years ago
nastiadii 9 years ago
GlassPeace 9 years ago
lola mandalina 9 years ago

mohu mohu 9 years ago
I'm Sophie Davies 9 years ago
*blah blah blah* 9 years ago
BlueEyedHorseStudio Posted 9 years ago. Edited by BlueEyedHorseStudio (member) 9 years ago
Hand Painted Women's Casual Wear

Join our Free online Video workshops and learn how to paint your own stuff!
Dear Sukie 9 years ago
Handmade Wallets

Join the Dear Sukie Gets Crafty Group Pool and post pictures of your creations! You could be the next featured crafter!
Mon Amie Paperie 9 years ago
Hi everyone my name is Monica and here is my Etsy shop. I am a paper crafter.


My website is

ham_and_eggs 9 years ago
PunkAfwife 9 years ago
WayOutWear 9 years ago
Oh yes I do!

Come visit my shop at

or visit my blog for a view of life in Vancouver Canada!
MlleAmelie 8 years ago

I am doing greeting cards and prints with my flamingos drawing!

Kate Barsotti 8 years ago
blita 8 years ago
My handmade dolls here:
HugsAreFun 8 years ago
Rose&Oak 8 years ago
I make all things geeky! Currently on a Skyrim kick :)
MudHollow 8 years ago

Toys made from Natural Materials - Wood, Wool, Hemp, Cotton...
modern glove [deleted] 7 years ago
Hi there!!! i'm new to the group. Here's my shop :
tilly tilda 7 years ago
My Waldorf toy shop :)
brief hose [deleted] 7 years ago

handcrafted textile characters
222 Handspun 7 years ago
I make handspun yarn and hand dyed and carded fiber for spinning and felting. A lot of the wool I use is sourced locally.
JulitaPhoto 4 years ago
I make polymer clay jewels!
Check it here
marinavesna 4 years ago - come visit my shop for vintage baby clothes with a modern twist
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