Lucine Designs 1:51am, 16 January 2013
Are you on Pinterest?

Mine is at:

Let's see yours
CountryMaison 9 years ago
rmpbklyn 9 years ago
lltownley 9 years ago

I'm here:

zylo.DESIGNED 9 years ago
So hooked on Pinterest and can't wait to check out people's boards!
Mine is:
Bexx Brown-Spinelli 9 years ago
Kilika Hecho a Mano 9 years ago
Kilika 's Pinterest. Great!
Brand New Day Designs 8 years ago
MlleAmelie 8 years ago

My pinterest is:
Urbanknit 8 years ago
Kate Barsotti 8 years ago
priyanjanaroy 8 years ago
My pinterest boards are
agwagon2000 8 years ago
gogrady1 8 years ago
Hi new to the group!

Here's my pinterest
rmpbklyn 8 years ago
HugsAreFun 8 years ago
Adele Po 8 years ago
I followed some of you. :) my page:
Craftinomicon 8 years ago
Shake Your Glass 8 years ago
Fused Glass, Lampwork, Wildlife and Dancing..... oh and a few other bits ;) x
ceodraiocht Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ceodraiocht (member) 8 years ago
This is Maggie at ceo a's draiocht:
labollatorium 8 years ago
modern glove [deleted] 8 years ago
shruti_glee 7 years ago
tilly tilda 7 years ago
Lots of craft ideas, dollmaking and waldorf parenting here....
Greengrrl313 6 years ago
Chá de Baunilha 5 years ago
Pin it 5 years ago
Sonia Lietz 2 years ago
funandlearntube 1 year ago
moxie.blacksmith 10 months ago
Here's mine (I'm a blacksmith, but i do chainmaile and copper works, too)
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