a clementina 10:48am, 9 January 2009
happy 2009 everyone!

the last day i crafted + posted was on december 17th, it's been almost a month and i really needed this break but i think it is getting longer than i expected.
i've been tired and couldn't make myself do something everyday. i hope this will stop soon.

s, i was wondering what you would think of this? should i restart all over again of keep going from where i stoped? what would you think would be the best?
i'm quite sure what i'll be doing but would like to know what you think about this.
nichancraftroom 13 years ago
i've been tired and couldn't make myself do something everyday. i hope this will stop soon.


don't worry...I felt the same way, too...just take a little might need more time for your self (not for your crafting but you yourself)...
when you feel satisfied already, then continue your work...that's what I do...

or do another craft, draw a picture (don't have to be some great picture...just simple sketch), or else...

don't feel guilty when can't do crafting or may need some rest from all of it...I did craft when feeling guilty that I can't make myself do something...the result? unsatisfying...not bad just not make me satisfied...I must make some adjustment to make my self happy with the the end, I was just getting tired and tired and not so much happiness I got...
createitcottage 13 years ago
I also took a break from my crafting 365 the end of last year and have yet to get back on track. I plan on starting on what day I left off and I think that will be fine. We all need a break sometimes.
hazelhoney 13 years ago
Sounds like me ! Last year about this time I started crafting 365 made to about day 90? I think ? then stopped for the rest of they year and now with the new year I'm starting again with day 1. I guess history repeats itself hopefully I'll keep it up.

As far as your situation I think you should start where you stopped I wouldn't start again it's only been a couple of months not a whole year like me.
I started again too because I erased all my old 365 pictures from flickr and my computer.
Good luck hope to see you posting soon.
Southern Peach Hooker 12 years ago
I would say start over and go from there! Just don't get too overwhelmed with your crafting, and do a small thing at a time, so that way you wont feel like its an obligation.
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