Swirlyarts 8:11pm, 7 January 2010
I've been meaning to do this for a while but have only just got round to it! I craft nearly every day anyway but it's all very samey for my shop so I'm hoping that posting pictures and blogging about it will make me think more about what I am doing and possibly make it a little more exciting!
katbaro 12 years ago
I'm excited to be doing this too. I started on the first & was happy to find other people as crazy as me. Hope its ok I put my first 8 pictures in all at once, they are each from a separate day but now I can upload one at a time & be on track.
bugsandfishes by lupin 12 years ago
Yay! Always nice to have new people joining in :)

Katbaro it's fine to play "catch up" with your photos... in an ideal world we'd all have the time to make stuff each day and take a pic and upload it, but in the real world catching up is very necessary!
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