Newbie here

amu and pri 7:30pm, 17 February 2010
Hi every one.
i am glad to join this group.
I like to craft with handmade flowers.
all my designs are the outcome of emotions, mood and so are unique and of limited edition! i do like to make in bulk but not always happens with each item, as u know it is sometimes only one can make a certain creation!

we are a mom & daughter team.
please drop by myetsy
i would like to have more friends . please follow me on twitter, my name is Amu and Pri.
thnks for reading!
Southern Peach Hooker 12 years ago
Welcome to the group! Im new too!!
kitty.eden 12 years ago
Hi there , i am new to the group too !
heavilysoaked 8 years ago
Hello! there I am new here too :D So excited!!
sarahfoxglove 8 years ago
Fellow Newbie! So glad I found this group, just started my own version of #100happydays called #100creativedays then discovered you guys which will def help encourage me on my crafty mission!
I'm on twitter too @sarahfoxglove
ghaz7247 8 months ago
Newly join and working on Art and Craft. Join me on YouTube/Juniors.Art.and.DIY
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