Crafting 730!

SallyFort 10:58am, 2 November 2010
SO for those who finished 365 - is anyone else still going? I thought since I carry on crafting anyway I might as well keep numbering them and seeing if I can get to 730!

I don't do it religiously every day, but just whenever I remember to snap and post, I just keep the numbers going up - so it's at my pace rather than pressured to do it daily - but it works for me :-)

So - first to 730 anyone?

(here's my first few)
bugsandfishes by lupin 11 years ago
Awesome! Best of luck reaching 730 x

It's been a while since I finished my 365... I still make stuff most days though :)
SallyFort 11 years ago
its only cos I keep crafting anyway, might as well number them and add them in as and when...
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