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shaggy feeling [deleted] 11:50pm, 5 December 2006
How many people have ordered their cameras?

I see that Best Price Camera has different kits avail. with lenses other than the 18X55, for pretty decent prices. They include a memory card and case, etc.

I have been using BH Photo but may switch.
Koo.LIMITED 15 years ago
i didn't use any SLR before.
If i can buy a DSLR this Spring Festival.

i will chioce d40.

DottieboBottie 15 years ago
I wouldn't order from Best Price Camera...we were, but they told us that they replace the glass for plastic lenses and they charge $300 for the upgrade. It was the stupidest thing I had ever heard and I cancelled the order.

Your best bet is to go to an actual store. At least you can always go back if you have a problem.
DottieboBottie 15 years ago
Here is a link of reviews of Best Price Camera...stay away...
Eddie Hales 15 years ago
I agree with DottieboBottie, stay away from them! They are rude and unprofessional. I fortunately cancelled my order from them as I there prices looked appealing. I am now ready to buy locally instead to save the stress and aggravation.
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