gr33ndata 11:23pm, 18 December 2006

How is the D40 going with you? Do you recommend it for a beginner who want to learn photography?
In fact, I never had a camera before, neither point and shoot nor dslr, however I want to learn photography, so do you consider D40 a good option wrt price, performance, controls, options, etc?

Pvt. Lesson 15 years ago
Absolutly a great camera even for a beginner. The owners manual will get you started right away.
Mommyof4Ruggies 15 years ago
I love mine! Still trying to learn what everything does and what the best settings are.
Andhi 15 years ago
I am also completely new to digital SLR-photography... learning new stuff everyday, and in my (humble) opinion, the D40 is an excellent companion for beginners like me.
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