I got mine!

fortunate snail [deleted] 8:44pm, 22 December 2006
Hi everyone :)
I'm Andre, an independent software developer from South Africa.
I've only recently (mid-October) started in the digital photography world, so I'm learning like crazy.
After starting with a Polaroid i532 point & shoot, I upgraded to a Fuji Finepix S5600 super-zoom, and then today...I got my first SLR..a D40. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the smile under control :)) I only have the kit 18-55 so far, but I believe my Sigma 70-300 might arrive tomorrow. Wouldn't that be a great Christmas present? LOL.
Well, thanks for having me in the group, and I'll do my best to contribute quality :)

Andhi 15 years ago
hey Andre,
welcome to this group :) I've only recently joined myself... How's life in SA treating you? :)

I just posted some pics of a trip I made a couple of years ago (when I was in Bloemfontein for 3 months on a college assignment). No D40 material, but worth checking out (and it brings back soooo much memories for me... I wish I could come back to your awesome country very soon).
fortunate snail [deleted] 15 years ago
Hi Andhi,

Thanks for the welcome :) Pretty good out here, hows Europe?
Your right, your shots of SA are well worth checking out. Some great mountain and seascapes, and of course, you're always welcome to pop over for a visit :)
powerful silk [deleted] 15 years ago
well i picked mine up today. ive spent a good amount of the afternoon with it and all i can say is wow! its really a lot of camera. i know its a low end DSLR and 6mp but the details are wonderful.

look forward to shooting and getting back into it!
he_sham86 15 years ago
Just got my D40 two days ago,my first DLSR.
Usually I borrowed my friends Canon Rebel XTi but when I hold it for the first time at a retail,it's feel soo good I end up buying it straight away LOL.
This is the first time I use Nikon too. Is it just me or Nikon really make great DSLR? :)
Eddie Hales 15 years ago
Shall I buy the D50 or D40??? any comments appreciated.
powerful silk [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by powerful silk (member) 15 years ago
i know the D50 is done so..

the D40 is less "bulky" all around.

use flickr's camera finder deal to look at both cameras images... granted the D40 is new but..

also ive read great reviews about the D40 on the "net"

no its not a D80/200 but ive read the its more about the users "eye" and lenses more than the body..
-Kyril- Posted 15 years ago. Edited by -Kyril- (member) 15 years ago
oneighturbo™ . I strongly disagree. D40 still lacks many features that D50 has(i.e. fixed exposure steps, no status LCD, no built-in focus motor... etc.. ). Read this review and see for yourself:
powerful silk [deleted] 15 years ago
disagree with? and if you read that review the conclusion says "Highly Recommended"

and if your looking for those features, no dont buy the D40. The D40 is not targeted towards those demo's anyways.

I've read the reviews. I wanted a D50. I used to shoot years ago. I'm getting back into it. The D40 fit this.

BTW, i am in the middle of posting a list of review links for people interested in this camera and or have ?'s regarding the D40 and comparisons the D50/80/200..
juliencassis 15 years ago
Got my D40 for christmas !!!!!! so happy
fortunate snail [deleted] 15 years ago
I'm with the turbo.
And not just 'cos I already have mine clutched in my sweaty little hands...:)
It gets some of the finest sensors, electronics and software, together with amazing usability, and a great selection of available glass, into your hands at a price that just laughs at the competitors! What could possibly be bad about that?
And Doodle, you're right.
But so what? (the missing features, not your opinion :)
I challenge anyone to look at the images in this group, and say "Oh, I can see that was taken with a D40 not a D50/D80/D200, it doesn't have a status LCD..." wtf?

OK. put your soapbox away, Andre....:)

Eddie, go pick them both'll know :)
mickyates 15 years ago
Well, I am lucky enough to have had DI cameras and a D2X ... and the D40 was a Christmas present ....

But I have to say that based on two days use, it's a BRILLIANT camera. Fast to use, easy to carry, lots of manual adjustments, great autofocus, nice customization possibilities, sharp standard lens etc. And from what I can see, for normal use, the pixel count is just fine. It will be a constant companion in 2007.

That's even before you look at value for money.

Seems to me that Nikon have really gone after the "point and shoot" market in a big way, yet have gone way past that in camera capability. Good for them, and for us. Guess the onus now is on the quality of the photographer.
Lupin le vorace 15 years ago
I just got mine last week and So far I love it!!!

For it's price it's an excellent camera! For some reasons most camera retailers (at least here in Québec) are not making much publicity about the D40. Hopefuly some good mouth to mouth will do some good to this camera... :)

As far as I am concern it's a great camera for anybody who's looking to buy their first DSLR!!

PS: Sorry for my limited English... :)
Eddie Hales 15 years ago
I did handle the camera in the store and loved it! As my eyesight is not as it was, I appreciated the larger screen and view finder, which the D50 and the D70s did not have.

Thanks andreinafrica, I am off to buy the D40...see ya!
noiselot 15 years ago
I bought my D40 this afternoon... and I love it already ! That's my first DSLR. I wish a lot of pleasure to me and all D40 owners !! :-))
purestateofmine 15 years ago
ooohh i just find out about D40 today...
struggling with D50, D80... and now D40...
think budget is my concern....
i going for a budget body and great lens...
bensaun 15 years ago
just got the D40 yesterday-- it's my first DSLR so i have a lot to learn.
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