Shermeee 4:30pm, 27 December 2006
Hey D40 users! I'm planning to get a d40 sometime next year and was just wondering.. is it advisable to get a d40 kit with a nikkor 50mm f1.8? Well i do know that the d40 can't AF with this lens but i really like the lens with it's f1.8 aperture! I'm not sure if the manual focusing would be a hassle. But just need some advise!

Thanks alot!
fortunate snail [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by fortunate snail (member) 15 years ago
I have a Sigma 70-300 which also does not AF. No problem, the kind of shots I take with the long glass is hardly likely to be fast action stuff. All the other features still work as well :) Course, now I have to learn the fine art of focussing on teeeny distant objects and getting it perfect :) But thats a hardship, how? LOL!
mickyates 15 years ago
I have just got the D40, and my "old" lenses are great if a bit fiddly. Still, the zoom lens in the kit is tack sharp .. and the camera's high ISO handling is excellent. I'd try that first....
TedInATL 15 years ago
50mm is an awkward length for an APS-C sensor camera. It converts to something like 72mm, not really long enough for portraits, but well past what's considered normal view.
Shermeee 15 years ago
Hmm, i heard some rumours that Nikon may come out an AF-S 50mm f1.8? Do you think they might come out with it? But i guess the price will definitely be higher eh?
Eddie Hales 15 years ago
I am planning to buy the D40 soon. I handled the camera the other day in the store and liked the lens that came with the kit. I don't think that I can deal with manual focusing anymore, as my eyesight is not what it use to be!
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