powerful silk [deleted] 2:06am, 1 January 2007
...since this group started on Dec 21st.

Happy New year and heres to 2007! Shoot away!
basswulf 15 years ago
I suspect there will be a lot more to come, as the D40 is well situated especially for people who (like myself) want to move into more serious photography.
whole ground [deleted] 15 years ago
I recently joined! Everyday more and more
jenn_jenn 15 years ago
Moi also! Wow, it is up to 120 today!
Mommyof4Ruggies 15 years ago
This makes me glad I got mine!
I am also glad I didn't listen to people telling me to buy a "Better" camera! 15 years ago
yah, same here, I was deciding between the Rebel XTi (400D) and the D40. I got the D40 and I'm glad I did.
noiselot 15 years ago
Hi ! After a week of use, I'm really pleased with my D40...
Happy new Year !
vtpeacenik 15 years ago
After months of sitting on the fence about what camera to buy, (used was all I could afford) I heard about this camera and EUREKA. I knew what I wanted. It will be a few weeks, but in the meantime I'll be looking at all your inspiring pix!
I think proof how popular this camera will be is how FAST this group is growing. Also if you look at the flickr camera finder, you see the chart that tracks the amount of use a camera gets on flickr. From the moment the camera came out, the line on that chart goes straight up!!!!
Any members in the San Francisco Bay Area?
unknown ear [deleted] 15 years ago
i'm also new here, i just joined yesterday. i got my d40 for christmas and i'm so happy with it. it's such an amazing camera for me as a beginner.
powerful silk [deleted] 15 years ago
@julius - great to see you using the D40 at those concerts... dark, smoke, tons of different lighting etc!
unknown ear [deleted] 15 years ago
oh thanks,
there was sadly only one concert i could take photos with the d40 since christmas. i hope there will be a lot in future :)
Lizi G 15 years ago
I got my for christmas, am lookingn forward to using it out and about
in the new year!!!
ImagesAndObjects 15 years ago
Santa missed me in my new apartment this year, so I bought myself a present -- my new D40 and I am loving it. I've never used a SLR before so its a really big learning curve but I'm up for the challenge.

Have fun out there!!
orandajin 15 years ago
Hi! I got my D40 last week for Christmas, and joined flickr just yesterday. Before I used a Panasonic FZ5 so this is my first SLR. Still practising with the camera, as I have to read the manual in Japanese..
Rajcliffe 15 years ago
Hi! Just ordered the D40 kit today. Own a D70 + 18-200 VR (mindboggling lens by the way!) and God knows I spent a long time going through the "upgrade or not to upgrade" debate. But, hey presto the D40 comes along :) Heck, once I've sold-off the D70 and the D40 kit lens it's only gonna cost me about 150 bucks - yay!

With the money saved over buying the D80 I think I'll buy me a sweet Nikon micro lens, or something else which will actually expand my photography...

Interesting to read that Ken Rockwell rates this camera over the D80.

I think this group will grow very fast. I'm guessing there'll be plenty newcomers to DSLRs, people upgrading from the D50/D70, and hopefully people like me saving their hard earned cash for good lenses (which are FAR more important than snazzy camera bodies) by buying the D40 instead of the D80. (In fact I chose to buy the 18-200 VR lens back in October INSTEAD of the D80 and haven't looked back since.)

NB Hope I haven't offended any D80 owners ;-)
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