powerful silk [deleted] 10:14pm, 3 January 2007
Was looking for some book recommendations and came across this piece hat Ken just put out. This guy is on it!

5 star!
basswulf 15 years ago
Thanks for highlighting the new users guide. Ken has some brilliant articles on his site, so I look forward to reading this one in more detail and picking up some useful ideas for my D40.
Bawmer 15 years ago
Thanks for the link. Very useful.
powerful silk [deleted] 15 years ago
ya i was reading this last night and its very useful.
fortunate snail [deleted] 15 years ago
This guy is da bomb! He has really explored the D40. They should photocopy his website and hand one out with every D40 sold!
Thanks again for the lead, Turbo :)
powerful silk [deleted] 15 years ago
ya. i think every naysayer should read his reviews.

i was going to combine his html pages into a pdf.. i dont recall him having any for each article/review.
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