BroerKonijn 5:52pm, 26 May 2011
Hi all,

having recently upgraded from a D40 to a D3100, I have the impression that the D3100 does way fewer shots on a full battery charge. Maybe 200 or so, where my D40 easily did 400 or more.

I have the camera set to raw-only files and I used an external flash where needed, not the internal popup one.

How many shots does your D3100 do on a full charge?
rwillia532 10 years ago
I don't have a D3100; but, according to it says that it has a CIPA rating of about 550 shots per charge.

I would have to ask are you using the camera exactly like you used the D40? If you're using a feature like movie or live-view you're going to run your battery down quite fast compared to the older model.

I always get better than CIPA ratings on my camera, unless I have left the camera sitting for a week or so with a battery in it, which I think is just because on my camera it's keeping the top LCD on regardless of on-off state.
PavementPilot 10 years ago
When I am shooting Time Lapse, I have done 2 series of 400 shots in jpg large and had about 1/2 a battery left. One thing to stay away from is the Live View, and set the screen timer to 10 sec. That screen, although nice, is a real battery killer.
jlaux42 10 years ago
I had the same concern when I first started using the D3100 in December -- and I bought a second battery right away to make sure I wouldn't get stuck -- but it also seems the battery has gotten stronger with subsequent charges. I think the first charge is a little weak on that battery for some reason, and I've seen other D3100 owners make the same observation. (It could also be that everyone uses the movie mode a lot on the first charge, and not as often later... ;-) )
jwdewit 10 years ago
I dont exactly know how much I can shoot before I have to charge, but my battery got much better after a couple of charges. And indeed, the live-view/movie function uses lots of power.
JamieD-Nikon 10 years ago
Bit of a late reply as i have only just found this group, i have a D3100, been using it for a few months, swapped from an Olympus due to getting bit was a nightmare. I found on first use the D3100 would only get around 200 shots, then after a few charges im getting near 400 and thats in the large RAW setting. I also picked up the battery grip off ebay for about £20 new and a second battery, both the best purchase i have made for this camera as i can shoot near 800 RAW photos with no worries.
mudit_ka 8 years ago
Have a D3100. I get 400+ shots for a full charge of the battery. The LCD brightness is kept at minimum. LCD timeout is kept to minimum as well. I use Nikon 35mm 1.8G lens quite often. It does not have VC. I am guessing that not having VC also saves battery. Mostly I use an external flash unless I am using the pop up one as commander to trigger the external flash.
I think that the Battery is a LSD (Low Self Discharging) one. But even then it is "Low" on self discharge..not Zero self discharge. So gaps of weeks between photo sessions will give you lesses photos.
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