Thomas Altfather Good 6:00pm, 18 January 2014
I have used a D50, then a D40, and finally a D40x for years. This xmas I got a D7000. I know it's not entry level but I like this group. Can I continue to post here or is it forbidden to use a D7000? Either way it's cool but I'd hate to be excommunicated as I am an entry level (beginner's mind) guy at heart. Cheers, Tom
olafsen 8 years ago
It's written "and friends".
jpr_me 8 years ago
For that matter, can we add some of the older DSLR Nikons to the title? My D100 is feeling a bit left out - even Nikon has almost forgotten about it.
Mervyn S 8 years ago
, of course everyone is welcome here but I think this Nikon D100 group is still active
Dream Source Studio 8 years ago
Thomas Altfather Good:

You know, there's a couple of really great D7000 groups on flickr. They're very active and helpful. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to post threads or replies here, but as far as the group pool goes, just post your photos in the D7000 groups. There's plenty available.
Karl Gunnarsson 8 years ago
I think what's common with the cameras listed in the group title is that none of them have an AF motor. The reason it became and friends was that they keep making more and more of such models and they're too many to list :)
photoguy 2005 7 years ago
"I think what's common with the cameras listed in the group title is that none of them have an AF motor."

The D50 does.
lorenzo1910 7 years ago
photoguy 2005:
That's why I love mine... ;)
Karl Gunnarsson 7 years ago
photoguy 2005:

You're right. But it's also the last of the bottom tier Nikon DSLRs that had one.
Karl Gunnarsson 7 years ago
Somewhat relevant to the topic: The only Nikon things I still have are an old SB-26 flash and a maybe a couple of lens caps. The last one a 58mm I bought for an Olympus lens, because Nikon makes nice center pinch lens caps that one can buy at reasonable prices.

Still can't leave this group (I did love my D40, but having it sitting on a shelf, when it could finance a lens for my new system and in the process be used by someone else, was out of the question), but I'm not going to be posting anything from my new kit :)
lorenzo1910 7 years ago
Come back soon Karl...
I still have (and I'm still using) D50 D40 and D200
I won't sell any of them!
Karl Gunnarsson 7 years ago

I'm not going anywhere, since I still like hanging around and seeing that people are using the D40. I even sometimes revisit the photos I've taken with it and find some that I had overlooked back when I shot them and then I can post them here :)

But it's unlikely that I'll be returning to the Nikon fold, seeing how other companies are developing mirrorless and how Nikon is developing it and I don't see a DSLR in my future.
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