davekpcv 8:55pm, 8 January 2015
I'm not sure if you can help, please.

I've done what I was asked and searched previous discussions but I'm afraid I'm still confused especially as the lens I am thinking of isn't listed in a list of lenses that WILL autofocus with the d40x. It could be an old closed discussion and/or a fairly new lens???

I did a live chat with Jess*ps here in the UK last night and I rang a "leading photo retailer" today, only to be given conflicting information.

I'm thinking of buying a

NIKON AF-S DX NIKKOR 35 mm f/1.8G SWM Prime Lens

I've got a 2009 ish Nikon D40x.

The standard kit lens is a

NIKON AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G II ED

I assume the 35mm lens will fit. I can't actually find anything where it actually says this lens works on this camera though.

I saw that the D40x got some criticism because some lenses won't autofocus on the camera though - but I think the AF-s have a built in motor?? I'm completely confused.

If you can offer any assistance please that would be great.


burly oatmeal [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by burly oatmeal (member) 7 years ago
Yes, Any "AF-S" lens has a built in focus motor and will focus on the D40 camera.
jaerwin 7 years ago
AF-I will work, too, but those aren't cheap.

For AF lenses, , you'll need a D90, D7000, etc.
jaerwin 7 years ago
It's reputed to be a very nice lens, and it will autofocus with the D40X, though.
lorenzo1910 7 years ago
I have it (AF-S 35 1.8) and it works fine on my D40
Actually any AF-S or AF-I lens will work on any Digital Nikon body.
The AF-S 35 1.8 is a best buy and you won't regret your purchase...
davekpcv 7 years ago
Many thanks indeed, gentlemen, for taking the time to respond. I am setting off to the shops right now!
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