MrsPippi 1:24am, 10 August 2015
This weekend I took a ton of outdoor and indoor photos both on manual and auto settings.
Saturated colors have a pixelated look, like noise. Many are also not quite focused despite using auto focus.
My camera has just under 34k shutter count, it looks like the life is around 50k.
You will probably want a sample, so I'll go upload one now.

Is this a sign that this camera is going to crap out? I was hoping I'd get another year out of it.

It definitely has shutter issues as when I slightly depress shutter to focus and then continue to depress it doesn't take the photo right away. It's even slower with flash. I have put in a brand new battery to ensure it's not that simple of a problem.
MrsPippi 6 years ago
Karl Gunnarsson 6 years ago
That's just one sample photo and you mention a slew of problems. For what it's worth the sample photo seems to be shot as a JPEG at ISO 1600 and has the following image settings:

Image Optimization - Vivid
Saturation - Enhanced
Saturation - High
Sharpness - Hard
High ISONoise Reduction - Normal

That, along with the relatively high ISO for that camera might be the explanation for how some of the photos look. Have you tried using RAW?

Are your problems with slow focus lock constant or just intermittent? If you're taking photos in relatively low light, or for example using the off center focus points on low contrast targets, then that might help explain the focus problems.

It's a while since I've used a D40 now, but I guess using the AF-C focus mode (and this possibly also applying when using AF-A, as you seem to do in the sample photo) might also explain some out of focus shots. I'm not exactly sure, but maybe when in AF-C mode fully pressing the shutter will force the camera to take a photo whether it has achieved focus lock or not. There might also be a setting for choosing whether such is possible or not.
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