Group limits

Dave_S. 10:29pm, 13 December 2017
As an active member of this group, I was wondering whether admin has any plans to opt out of the 30/60 limit that Flickr recently imposed. As I understand it, a regular member is now able to post a picture to only 30 groups, and a pro member to 60. With the vast number of groups now existing, this can feel a little restrictive, but Flickr have now enabled groups to opt out of this if they wish.

I am not sure how many people are aware of these recent changes, as far as I can see, it has not been made public except for some lengthy discussions in the help forum.

Cheers, Dave (from Oxford, England)
davekpcv 4 years ago
It was a sensible decision, in my opinion, for the Flickr team to introduce this 30/60 rule (and in the opinion of a fair proportion of the contributors to the official ...but now closed...Help Forum discussion topic).

Clearly, some people on Flickr have the time and inclination to add a photo to hundreds of groups - and many of them don't seem to bother with the "rules" of the groups they are sticking the photo in. This might help them to be a bit more selective.

I saw one photo that had been on here a few days and the number of views was about the same as the number of (the hundreds of) groups that it belonged to - thats one view per group then? Well worth all the effort.....not.
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