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Upgrade from d40x to.......? MrsPippi 11 Alex takes photos. 8 years ago
My D40 won't focus?? Charitie 33 Mervyn S 8 years ago
Editing EXIF data in ViewNX 2 jaerwin 1 zedex99 8 years ago
D60 body for trade fbmpw 0 fbmpw 8 years ago
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Help: D40 SI Plate dirt frodenstein 6 cmartin_ok (Chris Martin) 8 years ago
Photographic Festival Month abounding bucket (deleted) 0 abounding bucket (deleted) 8 years ago
Game - Pick a photo from the user above and post it here B. as. iT 140 B. as. iT 8 years ago
Speedlight help Fonseca1015 7 theabsurdman 8 years ago
Neewer wide angle 0.45x with macro lens granmadunn 10 Fashion I Beauty I Comercial Photographer 9 years ago
increasing shutter sync speed of d60 beyond 1/200 possible?? Highway Star 6 Martin Haesemeyer 9 years ago
D60 Shutter count crosscourt, read the bloody profile !! 5 crosscourt, read the bloody profile !! 9 years ago
Long-term Issues with Non-AI lenses? Fiddling Bob 10 Karl Gunnarsson 9 years ago
Today is my D40's 6th 'Birthday'!!! I need volunteers! You, you, & you! 16 buckyishungry 9 years ago
Need some company in Bangalore ... Vishal Milwani 0 Vishal Milwani 9 years ago
Nikon D40 won't trigger Cactus V4 Transmitter HELP?! cruzzer2693 1 kukkurovaca 9 years ago
Upgrading to a D7000 possibly? captainmkg 10 captainmkg 9 years ago
18-55mm Kit Lens Inconsistently Focusing P Colin Hill 4 P Colin Hill 9 years ago
D40 - Cable release and tripod mikeboss 2 Shane06fl 9 years ago
Your breath contains harmful acids that can damage camera lenses Zimmerman, Wolfgang 2 Zimmerman, Wolfgang 9 years ago
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