nichole suzette design 8:55pm, 30 April 2007
where are all the danish modern furniture lovers!
C'mon lets get this group going. i live in LA, just moved here not too long ago. looking to buy some danish modern furniture, any fellow city dwellers got some tips?
smiling example [deleted] 14 years ago
Sorry I have not done much with this group. I have posted messages with the other MCM and 60's design groups.As for buying furniture have you checked out Craigslist? My personal wish store is this one : they have some nice things.
cubanrebelgirl 14 years ago
Here I am!

Actually, I looked for a Danish Modern group a couple of weeks back and didn't find you. Could the group possibly need a different "name" than "831125something, something?"


But, here I am.
Stewf 14 years ago
There are more danish modern lovers at MC,M.
doglover05 8 years ago
What is MC,M? Is it a danish website or something?
doglover05 8 years ago
<-------------------------------- Place in Denmark.
doglover05 8 years ago
Nichole, come see my photostream. I have dogs and modern Danish things.
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