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Urban Decay Sets

Special 2:49am, 16 January 2005
Aside from myself.. do any the members have an actual urban decay themed photoset? If so please let me know. I'd love to view them.

Here's mine
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roomy space [deleted] 16 years ago
LHOON 16 years ago
I have several decay-themed sets in fact... geographically grouped.
In fact, it's a search on the theme that actually brought me to Flickr, and most of the pix I posted are about decay themes, with more to follow.
Auntie P 16 years ago
I have a Decay and Dereliction set:
drl. 16 years ago
now that i went pro, i finally did a "deconstruction" set:
b0bby 16 years ago
Bernard- 16 years ago
s2art 16 years ago
ummm does urban landscapes count?
ZenOptic 16 years ago
I do now.
Auntie P 16 years ago
I've just posted a new set of images that I will continue to add to. A block near my house has been scheduled for redevelopment for a number of years and the properties have been left to rot. I took some photographs in November and have just been to take some more.

I've posted a few to the group pool. The full set is here:
Auntie P 16 years ago
Looks like there's going to be something happening on the decaying block I've been photographing. We'll just have to wait and see how the planning application goes.

Public Notice Details Feb 05
Ichor 16 years ago

Just found this group, i dont know how i missed it before!
likeable name [deleted] 16 years ago
synthetic_tom 16 years ago
Auntie P 16 years ago
Just added a few photos from a set I've just uploaded of a building in Cardiff that's been covered in words of protest. You can see them all here
jekemp 16 years ago
Here is a link to my set.
varohaub 16 years ago
I've got a set called ashes to ashes, metal to rust.
Bobby Alcott 16 years ago
Great set, varohaub!

I also have one, dedicated to my hometown:
equable limit [deleted] 16 years ago
inajeep 16 years ago
I just visited Byberry Mental Institute(not as a patient). It was a deplorable place in the 30's and 40's. Google it and see.
autowitch 16 years ago
Andy Howell 16 years ago
Hmm. Must get on and create one!
Evan Rossheim 16 years ago

this is a set i call beautiful decay, not all urban but you may want to look anyway. and i will add many more to this wonderful pool soon, since i just went PRO!! and urban decay is always a favorite subject of mine.
Here is my set... mainly old buildings abandoned for 20 or more years!
fuzzz 16 years ago
A flash journey through an abandoned church, which I recently created. :)
Irina Souiki 16 years ago
I have 2 sets :
Whitby Psych and Don Valley Brickworks

I will upload at least 20 more pictures to the Whitby Psych set this week.
I am in the middle of this project on Industrial Abstracts
that is on topic.
Cherie Priest 16 years ago
I've got one set specific to a block in Chattanooga, TN - across the street from the notorious "Choo-Choo." I centered the shots (more or less) on the long-abandoned St. George Hotel.

It's right here.
paultweedy 16 years ago
Specifically for disused railways..
duncan 16 years ago
A few of my favourite urban exploration-type photos:

+ quite a few other sets in my photostream at specific locations
Joie de Vivre 16 years ago
I just put up Urban Confetti. It's urban, it's decay, but it's not the usual rundown building type of decay.

I also have a Color of Decay set, which is a bit more classic urban decay.
debonair grape [deleted] 16 years ago
Feel free to look at mine.
pristem 16 years ago
(thanks for the invite)
.natalie 16 years ago
Like a few other Toronto-area people, I have a Whitby Psychiatric Hospital set.
niznoz 16 years ago
Most of the pictures in my set Public City could be seen as being about decay. I choose to think that they are about the use people put the city to and the erosion that therefore occurs. Erosion vs. Decay, it's a fine distinction.
nicolai_g 16 years ago
Mine is here.
naftalina007 16 years ago
yup, got one too
It is actually the one with less urban decay than many others
Runs With Scissors 16 years ago
It's not exactly urban decay per se, but there are pix that fall into the urban decay theme. It's a group dedicated to a rapidly changing New York neighborhood that has just been rezoned.
Soon our old buildings, abandoned lots and views of the East river will be built on.

Check out Killing Williamsburg.
Carl Miles Art 16 years ago
Hiya, just saw the discussion. I have a decay set going on. Not all Urban, but a nice mix. Most of my most viewed pics are in this set, guess we all lurve decay! :)
ctheorist 16 years ago
Sorta. A little abandoned factory, is all.
:Linda: 16 years ago
is the name of my Decay set.
Joie de Vivre 16 years ago
I put up another Urban Decay set in the guise of Green Metal Shutters.
able juice [deleted] 16 years ago
My abandoned house set.
sheeshoo 16 years ago
I look at much of the decay as urban art.
uptownbiker 16 years ago
The pic I recently posted is part of a documentary series on the decline of downtown Fairbanks, Alaska.
iambigred 16 years ago
iambigred, your set is nice but could you please not flood the pool with so many images at once. It's not fair to the other users when someone has 6 pages of images in a row like that. That's just entirely too much. This is a showcase for all members not just one. It's best to spread big contributions out over a period of days. Also.. please don't submit images that look like duplicates back to back.
A fresh set of images from an old mill we found in Toppenish, Washington, USA: Toppenish Mill
jumpy veil [deleted] 16 years ago
Here's my set. Mostly things falling apart in and around Toronto.
Voodoo Zebra 16 years ago
Just started a new urban decay set: Urban Decay
Inverclyde 16 years ago
Just organised mine in a set.

My Urban set
It occurs to me that I never posted all of mine.

My main one is pure urban decay.

Then I have a mixture in my Corsicana, Sad Paint and textures sets.
Montreal is a city of great beauty and charm, however like all metropolises, the old gets decrepit and destroyed unless it gets special protection for historical value. Until such time it makes for great photographic subject matter. Here is my Urban Decay set.
colincookman 15 years ago
I have a set exploring the ruins of an old seaside hotel in Japan... the exterior shots show it's not technically urban, but I think any of the other photos could count.
alike motion [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by alike motion (member) 15 years ago
a set titled "urban abstractions"
precious pizzas [deleted] 15 years ago
urban d.n.a
plenty of decay can be found in there.
Karl Harrison Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Karl Harrison (member) 15 years ago
One more Abandonned & Decay set from Canada to add;
patrick austin 15 years ago
Packard automobile plant in Detroit. Built in 1907 and the first reinforced concrete factory in the country. The pictures don't do it's HUGE.
four curtain [deleted] 15 years ago
arron cupid Posted 15 years ago. Edited by arron cupid (member) 15 years ago
urban decay set a chance happening upon a derelict factory.
earthy bead [deleted] 15 years ago
I have one set so far - Buffal Central Terminal - where my Urban Explorers Group went to recently. Will be posting more as we visit more sites.
threshold 15 years ago
artelisa 15 years ago
Hello everybody, thanks for this interesting topic where I found inspiring collections. My set shows details of urban decay:
Fergus Kelly 15 years ago
Click here and go to the sets FLAYED, OBSOLETE, KNACKERED, UNPEOPLED.
horses and tigers 15 years ago
This set contains a few shots of a 1960s Beijing neighbourhood which is being demolished for redevelopment.
cobalt123 15 years ago
I've got a set that is almost complete, here. Miami, Arizona is a modern ghost town. When the mining operations closed down, there was little to sustain it. I've never seen a community so decimated by such an economic decline in this way. The set is meant to be seen as a slideshow. When I complete about 12 more images for upload, the final images in the series complete a visual tale.
Special 14 years ago
Bumping this up for the newer members. Was buried on the third forum page.
davefitch 14 years ago
Mine's here - bit of a mix from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Bermuda and Istanbul
buckaroo kid 14 years ago
Fluff on the lens 14 years ago This is my stuff so far of explored places in the Uk hope you all enjoy.
burly action [deleted] 14 years ago
This is mine...

...a compilation taken from various geographically defined shots which may explain why it's a bit of an eclectic mix to say the least! Includes, Thurrock, London and...Gent.
spherop 14 years ago
everything i do i t h i nk falls under this category...
andrew_bisset 14 years ago
i've got one for general urban decay, and one for an abandoned town called Gilman.
toxan 14 years ago
I have a set dedicated to the demolition of our old football stadium,it is called- The demolition of the Oosterpark stadium.
jmblackie 14 years ago
Desolation Row is the closest I have to what you're asking.
earthy bead [deleted] 14 years ago
cuddly fact [deleted] 14 years ago
A couple of sets from the Don Valley Brick Works in Toronto that I took as well. Enjoy!

Don Valley Brick Works - B&W

Don Valley Brick Works - Colour
dramatic brake [deleted] 14 years ago
Here's a few from a well known location in Maryland. It was my firts trip out exploring.
madeofchalk 14 years ago

for my urban exploration fav shots, so mostly, yeah urban decay. :)
Michael R. Swigart 14 years ago
likeable name [deleted] 14 years ago
pgengler Posted 14 years ago. Edited by pgengler (member) 14 years ago
More of a highly specific one, but I have a set of the former CNJ railroad terminal in Jersey City, NJ.
clear suit [deleted] 14 years ago
badjonni 14 years ago
Cud and Underbelly.

Fleshy limbless hero (Trece.)
Soupflower 14 years ago
@404photo Posted 14 years ago. Edited by @404photo (member) 14 years ago
gentle coil [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by gentle coil (member) 14 years ago
* raymond Posted 14 years ago. Edited by * raymond (member) 14 years ago
i have one. check it out when you get a chance:

boot camp
fair throne [deleted] 14 years ago
I think I'm going to start one. Very soon!

I'll let ya'll know.
rob_fuel 14 years ago
noicework 14 years ago
Most of my stuff has some kind of decay elements, but this is my favorite collection
Jennifer Hattam Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Jennifer Hattam (member) 14 years ago
More urban decay, mostly from San Francisco and the East Bay.

My "art" set is another way of looking at urban decay.
Fran Simó 14 years ago
Ms. Moll 14 years ago
A number on my stream - specifically grim windows .. I am trying to chronicle the enforced decay and destruction of a portion of shanghai getting ready to be cleansed in time for the expo 2010
tashland 14 years ago
Jeff Chau 14 years ago
seriykotik1970 14 years ago
hesitant voice [deleted] 14 years ago
i just joined, there's some good stuff in this group. please take a look at the most recent stuff i've posted for a little urban decay (well... more like 'post-huge fire' decay). : )
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