penmanila 7:47am, 6 January 2008
Which corner of Diliman have you never been to, after all these years? The Vet Med clinic? Krus na Ligas? Romulo Hall? The Alumni Center? (beside the Bahay ng Alumni) As a former vice president, I should've gone into all the UP buildings, but I'll admit that I've never been to:

the new Physics building
the International Center
bingbing 13 years ago
I can't think of a place I have never been to in the Diliman campus. Hmn. Nakapunta na rin ako ng arboretum. :D
akumach 13 years ago
e nakadaan ka na ba sa 'stargate' ng narra?:D
Jom D 13 years ago
Owl's Nest
bingbing 13 years ago
Ewan kung coincidence lang. I mentioned arboretum and somebody was found dead inside the arboretum the other day. And akumach mentioned narra tapos nasunog.

scubapup 13 years ago
arboretum ba yung mga puno sa may track and field? hehe

saka ano yung owl's nest?

marami syempre ako never na explore

halos lahat ng library di ko na explore hehe :)
Lance Catedral 13 years ago
I've never been to:

Benton Hall
the International Center,
and the ladies' CR.

@bingbing: scary nga. hahaha.

@akumach: that place sounds sooo familiar.
danes96 13 years ago
i've never been to the following areas:
romulo hall
university hotel
the arboretum
international center
new physics building
the building along cp garcia near asti and the new physics building (it's a UP-Ayala joint venture of some sort).
executive house
up press
up stud farm (the one with the horses and stables)

@scubapup: owl's nest is located in front of the old NIP building. there's a path leading down to some orgs of the College of Science.
Pistachio Bear 13 years ago
I'm ashamed to admit that for all the years I've spent in UP (wahaha) the only places I've ever been are:

1. Melchor Hall (back when the College of Architecture was housed on the 4th and 5th floors)
2. The new College of Architecture
3. Palma Hall (Green House, Chem, Bio and Physics Pavs included)
4. Faculty Centre
5. Bahay ng Alumni
6. Shopping Centre
7. The new CAL Building
8. Vinzons Hall
9. College of Business Ad
10. School of Economics
12. College of Music
13. College of Science
14. Film Centre
15. UP Theatre
16. The new OUR
17. Math
18. Yakal Residence Hall
19. Molave Residence Hall
19. Narra Residence Hall
20. Benton Hall
21. Benitez Hall
22. Casaa
23. Gonzalez Hall
24. UP Press
25. Ylanan Hall
26. Bartlett Hall

Napaka hermit ko pala...
yuki_no_shoujo 13 years ago
Never been to College of Music, Quezon Hall (inside), Lagoon (haha!), Any of the residence halls, Alumni Center... I think there are a whole lot more!
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